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4 min readNov 20, 2019

Smartish Dancing Queen Crossbody Wallet Case


The perfect on-the-go companion for the iPhone 11 Pro.

I prefer to always have a case on my phone. I’ve had too many knock-around moments in life where a delicate phone can become damaged that I keep my precious iPhone safely tucked away in a case. The first few years I had an iPhone, the cases were simple. They just covered the back and sides of the phone. Then, they started evolving to include a lip around the screen so that screen-side impact was absorbed by the case and not the phone. Now we see all types of innovative case options like the Dancing Queen Crossbody Wallet Case from Smartish.


The Dancing Queen Crossbody Wallet Case is designed to provide impact protection for the phone while also giving the user storage space for cards and important identification. The case is priced at $30 (at the time of publishing this article)and is available for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The attached wallet can hold up to 5 cards and cash. It comes with a detachable wrist strap and crossbody strap that is adjustable and includes a lip gloss loop. There are three color options for the Dancing Queen — Stiletto Black-Silver, Stiletto Black-Gold, and Bath Bomb Blue.


For a long time now, I have been resistant to carry a wallet case. Until now, I’ve not found one that is fully functional for my needs. They either end up being too bulky or they are just awkward. When I opened up the Dancing Queen, I was thrilled! First of all, the wallet pouch provides plenty of easy-access space for cards and other essentials. The closure consists of magnetic snaps and it opens up flat. This keeps it very functional as a wallet.

Second, I love that there is the ‘option’ of using a wrist strap or a crossbody strap, but that both options are completely detachable. The d-ring loops that either of the straps attach to do not impede the operation or access to the Lighting connection port. The only downside to using this case is that it is not wireless charging compatible. I attempted to place it on a vertical charging stand and it did not register at all.

One thing that I noticed about this case that I think is an ‘added bonus’ is that it will stand up horizontally on its own. Because there is a metal edge on the wallet flap, the case is well-balanced on that side and you can easily use the phone for watching your favorite videos.

I feel like the quality of the case is superb. The iPhone installs easily into the case, but it is more rigid than soft so removing the phone from the case is a little tougher than putting it in. That said, I feel like my phone is 100% secure while it’s resting in the Dancing Queen case.


I love the freedom I feel that this case brings me. I am no longer tied to a full-size purse every time I want to leave the house. I can just grab my phone and go. I run a lot of errands and make quick trips to pick up my step-daugher from work frequently. Having the option to just grab my phone and keys and walk out the door is refreshing. The price of this case is outstanding and I think that this is something a lot of users will enjoy using with their phones.

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