SKECH Polo Book REVIEW Book Style Wallet Case for iPhone 7 Plus

5 min readJun 19, 2017

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It can be frustrating to try to carry everything you need on a regular basis. Typically, I will have my truck keys, my iPhone 7 Plus and my wallet, my Apple Watch Sport, a pack of gum, a Kershaw Skyline pocketknife and a tube of Blistex. My pockets feel loaded down, like the saddlebags of a pack animal. This is nothing compared to what some women carry in their purses. I have been shocked to find a Mary Poppins style bag, teeming with countless treasures. Sometimes, it is not convenient to carry a separate wallet and phone. A combination wallet/phone holder would be very beneficial. My wife really loves her folio style case for her phone so I decided to give the Skech Polo Wallet Style case for the iPhone 7 plus.

The product arrived in a very appealing white cardboard box, with a black glossy image of the case on the cover. The stark contrast between the bright glossy white of the packaging to the leathery black case proved to be very well done. The cover promises a Book style wallet case, with detachable hard shell and a card/money holder. The appearance of the reef facing side of the packaging is a little busy, with an entire paragraph written in both English and French. This paragraph details the smooth outer leather sheath, magnetic closure, space to hold all your credit cards and extra cash, viewing stand and detachable hard shell case. Below, you will see a pictorial representation of the text. Personally, I would have preferred abandoning the large area of text and doubling the size of the images and the descriptions below them. The information is redundant and wastes valuable retail space. The sides, top, and bottom are devoid of writing/information.

Along the right side of the packaging, you will notice a small pull tab. If you pull this outwards, you can remove the product from the outer packaging. There is no surrounding plastic, nor any other restraint to the case within the box. Removing the case from the packaging, you will immediately notice the quality of the case. Just like the packaging, the case is very pleasing to the senses. You can clearly smell a new leather smell, feel the smooth leather texture and see the quality of the craftsmanship. The case is a little robust, measuring 6 3/8 inches tall by 3 3/8 inches wide by 7/8 inches deep and weighs 5.5 ounces. Along the front right of the case is a 7/8″ wide magnetic closure strap. Turning the case over, you will notice a cutout for the iPhone 7 plus camera, along the top, and “SKECH” inlay along the bottom left. The case opens, in a clamshell manner and uses the leather binding as one of the protective features of the phone. The top, bottom, and side, closest the magnetic strap, are open. If the plastic hard iPhone 7 case is inserted, this acts as the protection for the top, side, and bottom of your iPhone 7 plus.

Lift the magnetic strap and open the book fully. Along the left are 3 credit card sized slots. the top two slots are completely enclosed, but the bottom is lined with a clear plastic display window, which is perfect for an ID. Behind the front credit, card slot is a flat money storage compartment that extends the entire height of the case. Along the right side of the wallet, you will find the hard plastic, bumper style, case. Grip each edge of the case and you can lift it away, There are some strong magnets on the back of the wallet and a metal plate on the back of the case, which attaches well to the outer wallet shell. The hard case is very rigid and is a single piece of plastic. There is a cutout for the iPhone 7 plus camera, a large cutout for the volume up/down and sound toggle switches. Additionally, you will find a cutout for the power button and a cutout for the lighting port and speakers along the bottom. The cutouts are well aligned and this hard case fits the iPhone 7 plus very well.

There is a felt lining along the back, which helps to reduce scratches along the connection point with the iPhone 7 plus. Having a Jet Black iPhone 7 plus, I have found this layer to be really important. Unfortunately, I have a few scuffs near the bottom of my phone already, from using the Otterbox Defender case. This case is perfect for the minimalist, someone who does not want to carry a purse or a wallet and a phone. It works perfectly to fit into a cargo pocket, a backpack or gym bag. If you want to make a call, simply remove the phone and hard case from the wallet. Just remember to not forget the wallet section and walk away. I am concerned that this may occur, as you will be distracted and forget that you do not have the entire device. I personally wish that there was a device like Tile or the Voila, which provides a tethering feature. It would be great if the hard case and the wallet were connected and if you got a certain distance away, it would jingle.

In summary, the case is amazingly well built and is one of the better wallet style cases that I have utilized. Quality packaging meets quality construction with an amazingly well thought out case. The cutout along the bottom of the hardshell case will allow you to use the Skech Polo Bookcase for the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6 Plus. The hardshell case is compatible with magnetic mounting systems, like the Nite Ize Steelie. Lastly, there is one additional feature of the case. The back of the leather wallet has a seam between the two magnets. This will allow you to fold the case into a viewing stand. This worked okay but was not adjustable. The ability to use the case for most modern plus style iPhone is quite convenient. Now, when you upgrade devices, you will be able to reuse your case.

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