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5 min readAug 6, 2018

I have a confession to make! I love my iPhone X! Even though there are other smartphone options, accessory cases tend to cover up these differences and allow us to express our individual tastes. Personally, I have enjoyed the experience-proof, Ironman-esque, full-coverage style case from Catalyst. My wife has opted for a thin, dainty, plastic/silicone bumper style case for her iPhone 7. A few of my friends have chosen more specialized cases like iPowerUP, and others have chosen even more indestructible cases like the Element Case. Others have chosen folio cases, credit card cases, battery cases, glitter cases and some have chosen to leave their phones unadorned and au naturel. My wife has been considering a phone upgrade to the iPhone X, and she wanted something that would hold her license and a few other cards. Together, we eyed the SKECH CACHÉ case.

The CACHÉ case arrived in a rather unique triangular retail package. The cover measured 8 inches tall by 4 3/4 inches wide and had a variable thickness (1 1/2 inches along the bottom and 5/8 inches thick along the top). The glossy white cover served as the perfect background for the black device image. The cover promised 10-foot drop protection, an included car mount and a metallic plate, iPhone X compatibility, slim design, and a built-in four card holder. The glossy image of the black phone case starkly contrasted against the white background. The white reverse panel provided an amazing canvas for the product images/thumbnails. The Cache case will hold up to 4 cards inside of the built-in card holder, provides a metallic credit-card sized plate and a car vent mount. The plate can slide inside of the credit card port and attach to the included magnetic car mount. Additionally, you can slide the metallic card out of the case and slide the edge into the upper slit of the card case, to act as a viewing stand. If you examine the back of the packaging, you will see the three thumbnail icons detailing the above information, a grey rectangle detailing the 1-year warranty and an image describing the ability to use this case with any magnetic mounting system that you wish to use. I appreciated the cover/back panels and the decision to provide pristine, glossy white, top/side/bottom panels.

Open the cover like a book and enjoy a direct view of the case towards your right and a useful image of the back of the case. To continue the theme, SKECH used the glossy white coloration of the inner flap to showcase the back of the case and the eight icons. The case is compatible with wireless charging, converts into a viewing stand, car mount compatible, drop protection, responsive buttons, built-in card holder, 1.1 mm bezel for screen protection, and port protection. The packaging suggested that the case could hold up to four cards, to include the metallic mounting plate. Personally, I did not use the magnetic plate with credit cards, as I would not place my cards that close to a strong magnet. I was excited about the prospect of using the metallic plate with a vent mount, a table mount and the option to convert the plate into a viewing stand. The packaging was well thought out and did a great job of enticing the customer. I appreciated the magnetic cover, the imagery, and the ability to directly visualize the case.

Within the packaging, you will find the case atop a white plastic shelf. Towards your bottom right, you will find an included 1 1/2inches long car vent mount with 1 1/4 inches diameter magnetic attachment. The case was easily removed from the box, with gentle upward pressure. The case measured 3 inches wide by 5 3/4 inches tall by 9/16 inches thick and had the metallic plate hiding underneath of it. There were cutouts for the vertical camera, volume toggle, lightning port, and speakers. There were raised plastic buttons for the volume up/down and power. Each of the cutouts was expertly placed, and the case fit my iPhone X, like a glove. To insert the phone, slide the right side of the phone (volume/toggle) into the right side of the phone case. You can then gently press the edges of the top, left side and bottom of the phone into the case. If done correctly, you will experience a satisfying “click” as the phone seats into the case. The front of the case had raised edges, which stood up just about 1 mm from the top of the iPhone X screen. I do not like screen protectors, and thus the bezel guards tend to offer a degree of glance protection from my screen. Turning the case over, you will notice the 3 13/16 inches long by 2 5/8 inches wide credit card holder. If you look towards the left side of the case, you will find a 3 5/16 inches long by 1/32 inches wide slit. If you remove the metallic card, you can insert the edge into the slit and enjoy movies in landscape mode. As an aside, a credit card, Best Buy or Gamestop card would also work for this purpose.

I was a little confused about the purpose of this device because it seemed to combine three different features. The Cache case worked great as a folio style case, protecting the phone and comfortably holding four cards. The metallic card did a great job, better than my GameStop card, at holding the iPhone X in landscape mode. The main issue was the magnetic mount option. The metallic plate/magnetic mount worked very well to hold my phone in my Nissan Leaf. Additionally, the magnetic mount car vent mount doubled as a kickstand. This kit combined a universal magnetic mount, with an iPhone X case, with a kickstand style case, with a credit card style case, into a single multi-functional CACHE case. I would not encourage you to use the credit cards and the magnetic mount due to potential issues with the magnetic stripe. I did appreciate the versatility and ultimately the ability to choose, however. If you are looking for an enhanced case at a similar price that you would typically buy a basic case, think of SKECH.

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