Simplehuman Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump REVIEW

4 min readFeb 20, 2018

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Over the years I’ve become more and more of a germaphobe and because of this, I’ve found myself shying away from bar soap. Sensor style soap pumps are where it’s at in my mind. Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried many different types of motion sensor soap dispensers — more than I’d care to admit. The problem I find with most of these dispensers is that they all take AAA or AA batteries and seem to wear out rather quickly. I felt like I was changing out batteries all the time — that or the pump itself just wore out.

Since most of these dispensers were bought at a low-cost I didn’t expect much from them but was still disappointed that every time a motion dispenser wore out, I was left with a bar of soap or a manual pump dispenser. This is where Simplehuman comes into play. Simplehuman designs some very nice products for kitchens and bathrooms and one of those devices is their Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump.

The pump is shipped in a nicely designed box with the Simplehuman branding on the outside of it. Minimal details are included on the box to keep the design low-key. Inside the box, you will find the pump, one canister of foam soap, paperwork including a warranty card and quick start guide, and the charging cable.

The Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump features air-induction technology. The pump creates a vacuum that draws air into the soap, which produces the signature foam. If you’ve ever used a sensor style pump, you will know that replenishing the soap is usually a pain. Simplehuman has replaced the inferior process with a very simple foam cartridge system. The cartridge just clicks into place making refills fast, easy, and mess-free. There is a wide range of soaps and scents available and you can order them easily through the Simplehuman app or through Amazon. You also have the option to choose between dish soap and hand soap. The pump has a variable dispense option where you position your hand close up for a little soap or you could move your hand farther away if you need more soap.

I think the best feature of this dispenser is that it’s 100% rechargeable. You don’t have to worry about replacing batteries simply attach the recharge plug and charge it up. With one full charge, the dispenser should last for 3 months (with standard use). The pump charges with a proprietary cable that comes with it. The connector end sort of reminds me of a charger for a toothbrush or an electric razor and the other end is USB Type A. The pump does not come with a wall adapter so you will need to use your own or plug it into a power strip that accepts USB. Another great feature of the pump is that it’s washable. You can wash the pump by simply sticking it underneath the sink spout. The pump has a rating of IP66, which means that it’s fully dust repellent and can withstand high-pressure, heavy sprays of water. The power button and charging port are hidden beneath a flip top that latches shut to keep the pump water tight. To me, this is a great benefit because of how dirty stainless steel can get near a sink.

Getting started with the pump is very easy. The pump is pre-assembled and all you have to do to get started is insert the soap cartridge. I didn’t have to charge my pump out of the box and was able to start using it straight away. I placed it in my bathroom and after the foam dispensed, I thoroughly washed my hands. The foam is a very soft option for washing your hands and for someone who washes their hands as much as I do, it’s a great cleaning agent. I have noticed that the more I wash my hands, the more dried out they get. So far, I’ve not really had that experience with Simplehuman’s soap dispenser. The foam is luxurious and cleans really well.

The only downside that some might see to this product is its price. This pump runs around $50 retail and even though that’s quite a sticker price when you consider the cost of replacing pumps that fall apart, it’s not that outlandish. This is why when I look at how much the Foam Cartridge sensor pump is I don’t feel that buyer’s remorse in the pit of my belly. Simplehuman sent me this Sensor pump but after using it I knew it was a must for my house and I placed an order on Amazon for a second one. Before, I would have shied away due to the price but let me tell you, the quality they provide in their products is outstanding and I have peace of mind that dirt and germs are washed away for good with their foaming pump.

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