Signia Cellion Hearing Aids REVIEW

  • Inductive Charging Base — The charging base for the hearing aids uses ‘smart’ technology like many mobile device chargers. It has LED indicators that display the charging status of the power cells within the hearing aids. This charging base also acts as a dehumidifier to add to the longevity of the devices. The base is incredibly efficient as it only takes 4 hours to complete a full charge — and you can ‘top off’ your power cell within about 30 minutes. The charging base plugs into power using a Micro USB cable and is compatible with most portable power solutions so you can continue charging even when you aren’t near a wall outlet.
  • Speech Master & EchoShield — These two technologies work to ensure you have the best possible listening experience in any environment. The Speech Master function automatically adjusts the hearing aids by analyzing the soundscape and then balancing the noise reduction, directionality, and amplification. EchoShield is designed to help decrease the user’s listening efforts so that it’s easier for them to understand the sounds being heard by the hearing aids. It works by detecting, and softening, the reflected sounds coming into the hearing aids.
  • TwinPhone — This function is designed to help the user be able to use the phone with the hearing aids being used. The hearing on the phone ear detects the presence of the telephone, and then streams the signal to the non-phone ear. This allows the user to hear the phone call coming through both ears.
  • Directional Microphones — This helps you to be able to recognize and understand sound coming from any direction. With the aid of the Signia app, you can actually filter out directions so that you can focus in one specific area of sound.
  • Wireless Connectivity — The Signia Cellion hearing aids are completely compatible with wireless connectivity. With this feature, you can connect to the Signia mobile app for adjustments and you can also use the mobile accessories like EasyTek, which essentially turns your hearing aids into headphones.
  • IP-68 Rated — The Cellion hearing aids are resistant to sweat, dust, and dirt.



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