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6 min readMay 20, 2022

Portable monitor provides a powerful mobile workstation companion.

A few weeks ago, we released a review of the SideTrak SOLO PRO HD 15.8" Portable Monitor. SideTrak does a great job creating products for mobile workstations. Their monitors are beyond amazing and while the HD option is great for basic tasks and enhancing productivity while you are on the go, the next iteration — the SideTrak SOLO 4K Ultra HD Portable Monitor — is ideal for creative professionals who need a higher resolution for their content creation purposes.


SideTrak currently has two 4K monitor models — a touch screen compatible version and a standard monitor. This review will focus on the standard portable monitor. The screen is a 4K monitor that is designed for creative projects, gaming, and streaming high-resolution content. It has an anti-glare LED display and comes with a cover that doubles as a kickstand.

The portable monitor features a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 3840 x 2160 resolution (4K UHD). This resolution indicates that the monitor has twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of full 1080p HD monitors. This is the 4K resolution recommended and recognized by the television industry. There is another 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) that is recognized as a 4K resolution for cinema projectors.

The portable monitor also features HDR & FreeSync technology. FreeSync helps provide a smooth viewing experience, especially when used for gaming. AMD FreeSync is a technology that helps to fight screen tearing, stuttering, and input latency during fast-paced games and videos.

HDR, on the other hand, stands for ‘high dynamic range’ and is designed to enhance the display’s contrast ability. HDR pushes the limits of standard broadcast contrast levels and provides a brighter, more colorful image for viewers. These two technologies — HDR and FreeSync — are a powerful combination to add to a 4K monitor.

The SOLO 4K portable monitor also has a wide color gamut, 8-bit color display, and…




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