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4 min readFeb 21, 2020

SENA Deen Lugano Leather Case for iPhone


A high-quality leather case that provides protection.

Why do I put my phone into a case? Well, my phone is the iPhone XS Max and I carry it with me everywhere I go. Mall, school, work…you name it; it’s with me. I’ll always have my phone on me because it’s one of the things I have come to rely on with my everyday life. I put a case onto my phone because I have a very clumsy personality. If you’re like me then you are likely to drop your phone at some point and it’s better to have a protected phone then a broken phone. With that in mind, I like cases that are not only functional but also stylish. That’s what made the SENA Deen Lugano Leather Case so appealing to me.


Each SENA Case is handcrafted from full-grain, semi-aniline leather. This case was designed as a ‘slip-on’ or ‘snap-on’ style case. The SENA Deen Lugano Leather Case was made to hug each device it is made for in order to protect it. Its two-tone design and interior fabric lining are eye-catching and part of what makes the Deen Lugano Leather Case so special. It does protect phones against surface damage or damage that would occur during a drop or fall.


  • Shock-absorbent core
  • Covered buttons
  • Soft linear deboss pattern lining
  • Two-tone leather detail
  • Three card slots
  • Precision cutouts
  • Crafted with semi-aniline leather


One of the first things that caught my eye about this case is the three slots on the back. It’s a cardholder so it makes it ten times easier to grab your phone and go instead of being weighted down with wallets and purses and whatnot. I like being able to hold my cards in my phone case but I wish that I had some kind of cover that protected my cards from mistakenly falling out or someone seeing them and thinking I’m an easy target to rob.

The Deen Lugano Leather Case has hard black plastic around the volume and cover button which is a nice touch. The buttons are hard to push in because of this, but they are better protected so it makes me feel a little safer in case I was to drop the phone.

Because the case is made with full-grain leather, it does scratch easily. While that adds to the natural wear and patina of the leather, I would be careful so that it doesn’t get ruined. I found that simply sticking it in my pocket would scratch it up. The texture of the case is smooth in some spots, but rough in others. To me, that adds to the character of it.

When I look at this case I think, “expensive,” and “luxury.” The target market for this phone case would most likely be older gentlemen that are interested in leather and know the value in the material. Fortunately, it won’t get destroyed by kids because it’s meant to be protective and it’s made with high-quality materials.


This SENA Deen Lugano Leather Case was made to make life easier. If you’re looking for a case that looks nice, something that is hard to tear up, but is sturdy and durable, check out the Deen Lugano Leather Case by SENA. It’s available for the latest models of iPhone (11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max) in addition to older models like mine.

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