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7 min readOct 27, 2022

Secrets is a solid option for your online security.

For many years, I wrote my passwords down on a piece of paper. Then, I moved that list to a spreadsheet. After that, I started using the same password for every login I had. All of these methods of storing passwords are 100% insecure and exactly what you should not do. What you should do is use a password manager, which is an application designed to help users store all their vital information including user names, passwords, and other information they want to keep secure.

Password managers typically have a central repository, or “vault,” where data is stored securely. Many password managers also have the ability to generate strong, unique passwords for the user’s accounts and will even fill in the login information for the user on web pages and apps.

According to, only 1 in 5 Americans currently uses a password manager. Even though one-third of all Americans had their identities or online credentials compromised in 2021, using a password manager is still not a widely adopted practice despite there being many different options to choose from. One such password manager is Secrets.


Secrets is a password manager that offers a simple, secure way for users to store passwords as well as protect digital wallet information. With it, you can safely store passwords, credit cards, bank details, and more. A user’s data is stored using modern cryptographic algorithms such as XSalsa20 and XChaCha20 using 256-bit keys. User data stays within the Secrets app where it is handled and decrypted.

Browser extensions and helper apps defer to Secrets to access your data. Secrets automatically locks when you navigate away from it to keep your information safe — even if your device is lost or stolen. The app can only be accessed with the master password which unlocks the vault.

The Secrets app has an integrated password generator that provides unique passwords that are unpredictable. The app will also…




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