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Satechi 6-Port Customizable Media Organizer Desktop Charging Station REVIEW

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Sometimes there just aren’t enough ports. This is a thought I’ve had many times especially right after the holidays when I inevitably receive more tech products. I keep dragging out more and more power strips to accommodate the power cords for all my devices. I much prefer using USB hubs for charging because it means less cable clutter, but then I’m left with several devices laying around on a desktop. There are many options for clearing away the mess left by charging multiple devices. One such device is the Satechi 6-Port Customizable Media Organizer Desktop Charging Station.

Available in either black or white, the 6-Port Media Organizer allows you to charge up to 6 devices simultaneously. It’s smaller than a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and fits nicely on most desktops. As the name suggests, the organizer is customizable and you have the option to adjust the aluminum bars to accommodate different sizes of devices. The charging station is really a pretty simple set-up. The box includes the media organizer, seven aluminum partitions, velcro straps and a user guide. To complete the charging set-up it’s recommended that you add-on the 6-Port Multi-Port USB Desktop Charging Station also from Satechi.

The organizer comes packaged in a nice white Satechi branded box. There is a little assembly required, but it’s not complicated. When you first open the lid, you will find the aluminum divider bars and some velcro straps for the charging station and also for cable management of the devices you connect. There are no additional USB charging cables so you will have to use your own for your devices. The sides of the organizer have slots that are sort of dual purpose. First, they act as a channel for the charging cables to slip through and second, they act as a vent for your charging station so that it doesn’t get too warm inside the organizer.

When I started plugging cables in and wrapping them up, I found that the interior of the organizer started getting a bit crowded. But, I’d rather have that than half a dozen cables strewn about my desk. For testing purposes, I plugged in three cables (two Micro USB and one Lightning). Pushing the cables out of the vents were not difficult, but if you have a Micro USB cable with a larger output end, it might be a tight fit through the slot. Putting the lid back on the organizer was a little bit of a tight fit, too. I think that was because of the extra cable stored inside. The divider bars slide right into the holes made for them. They don’t ‘pop’ into place, but you definitely feel when they stop. On the top of the organizer’s lid is a nice soft, silicone strip on both sides to help cushion the devices you are storing there. There is a protective film that rests on top of the strips to keep dust and debris off of it. It peels off quite easily.

I chose to place an Acer tablet, iPad Air 2, and a battery charger on the organizer to test it out. You will see that the pieces are evenly spaced out so they aren’t hitting each other. The spaces are wide enough to accommodate devices that are thicker like the charger I have pictured, but not so large that the thinner devices, like the iPad, will fall completely over.

I have used a lot of device docks, chargers, organizers and stands. I really like the thoughtful design of the Satechi 6-Port Customizable Media Organizer Desktop Charging Station. It’s easy to set-up and use. The only two suggestions I would have for future models is to include short charging cables as an accessory to the organizer. This would prevent users from trying to store bulky cables inside the organizer and I would also like to see some sort of cable hold to keep the cables straight when your device is not being charged. I found that I ended up having to drape the unused cables across the organizer. This worked, but also caused a bit of clutter.

The Satechi 6-Port Customizable Media Organizer Desktop Charging Station is a really nicely designed piece that helps to clear away the desk clutter from unwanted/unnecessary cables.

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