RYOBI Garage Door Opener REVIEW

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Five years ago, we moved into a new house. Well, the house was built in 1969, but it was new to us. Because it was a bit of an older house, there were obviously some upgrades that needed to be done. Slowly, but surely, we replaced the windows, roof, crawl space vapor barrier, HVAC system, and even the garage door. One device we haven’t upgraded though was our garage door opener. We have a wide variety of smart products around our home but hadn’t taken that plunge with the garage door opener yet. This summer, we decided it was time for a change. We found the RYOBI Garage Door Opener system and haven’t looked back since.

RYOBI is a brand that we trust and really enjoy using around our house. All of the power tools for our yard and most of our standard power tools are RYOBI brand. One of the reasons we chose this brand was because the batteries are designed to fit all of the machines, which is awesome because some power tool brands choose to make different batteries for each device. RYOBI’s tools have been consistently good quality and we’ve had no problems with them since we got our first set about five years ago (it was one of the first things we invested in when we got the house). So, when we did some shopping around for new garage door openers, selecting the RYOBI system was a no-brainer.

RYOBI’s Garage Door Opener is much more than just an opener — it is a smart, modular system. The main opener assembly features an impressive 2HP motor and a steel reinforced belt drive. This provides faster openings and a longer motor life for your garage door opener. The belt drive makes for a very quiet open/close. Our old opener utilizes a chain drive, which is a reliable option, but it’s also very noisy. At first, I was concerned about switching to a belt drive because I thought it might not be as strong. RYOBI’s reinforced belt drive has proved to be every bit as reliable as our old chain drive opener.

Operation of the RYOBI opener is about what you would expect. Once it’s installed, you can press the open/close button and it will open or close the garage door. There is a warning chime that goes off when you are completing either operation and the integrated long-lasting LED will automatically turn on or shut off when motion is detected in the garage or with regular operation. Now, you have the option of using the standard manual buttons for operation or you can connect to the opener through the RYOBI app on your smartphone. As I mentioned, this is a smart device. With the app, you have the option to control the opener remotely and monitor usage of the device. There is also a wireless keypad that attaches to the exterior side of your door. This is meant to give you an additional option for opening/closing the door. The keypad requires a passcode in order to use it and it will not work at all if the system is set to vacation mode. The remotes will also not work if the system is set to vacation mode. At one point, we actually thought we were going to have to reset the system completely because of a communication problem. But as it turned out, the system had been inadvertently set to ‘vacation’. As soon as we turned that off, everything worked as it should.

The standard garage door opener package includes the main unit, the multifunctional wall control (inside the garage), wireless keypad (outside the garage), two remotes, safety sensors, and belt/rail attachment. With RYOBI’s system, you have the option to add on several accessories. The garage door opener unit has seven (7) module ports and one (1) battery port for a backup battery. You can add in several of the RYOBI accessory modules such as:

  • Bluetooth Speaker Accessory
  • Park Assist Accessory
  • Fan Accessory
  • Retractable Cord Reel Accessory
  • Security Camera Accessory
  • High Power Inflator Accessory

With our system, we have the Bluetooth speaker, Park assist, Fan, and Retractable cord reel. We felt those items would benefit us the most. The cord reel is very easy to use. It is retractable and once you extend it down, you can recoil it back into the receptacle with a gentle tug/hold motion. When it’s fully extended, I am able to reach each corner in my two-car garage without any issues. Usually, with retractable cords like this, I end up finding myself in a tangled mess, but so far, I’ve not had any issues with the RYOBI extension cord module. It’s been a smooth, even motion and a pleasure to use.

For years now, we’ve had an old AM/FM stereo in our garage for times that we are working out there. I’d much rather use streaming music from my phone, which is why I was excited about the Bluetooth speaker module for the RYOBI set up. The sound quality is very good, but it’s easy to get out of range of it. If you have your phone in your pocket and walk out of the garage, that’s enough for it to cut off. The volume for everyday use is also pretty good, but power tools can easily drown it out. The laser assist for parking is a great gadget to have. For years I’ve had to guess about parking in the garage because I have a full-size pickup truck and it’s a tight fit. Now, I can just see where I need to go because the laser guides me in.

I really like the idea of the fan module, but being that our garage is a two-car size and because of how hot it gets in our area during the summer, the fan does not really have enough power to cool us off. It does keep air circulating through the garage though. We have a huge fan on the floor that keeps air moving and with the smaller one on the garage door opener, it makes for a much more enjoyable climate in our garage. Even though we didn’t immediately install the security camera and air inflator to the set up upon installation, we are still interested in having them as soon as possible. I love the idea of having a bird’s eye view of the garage with the camera and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to air up a tire, but didn’t have an easy option. I love the idea of having the inflator available to pull down and retract back up whenever I need it.

The modules are essentially ‘plug-n-play’ with the main unit. I was able to plug in each one and the main assembly recognized them right away. The only device that required additional connection set-up was the speaker and it was a standard Bluetooth set-up through my phone. All the modules have worked very well since they’ve been set-up. One really cool thing about this system is that the multifunctional wall control (indoor keypad) is programmable and can control your module devices. This is really helpful for when you want to use the modules, but don’t have your phone on you.

As far as installation goes, our story is a little different than the average install. Because we didn’t know when our original garage door opener was installed, and because a couple of the screws were already loose or falling out, we called in a garage door company to complete the installation of the RYOBI for us. They were able to take down the old opener and replace it with the new one with little problem. The only hitch in the installation was that the company we hired was used to installing a certain brand of opener and that wasn’t RYOBI. They fumbled a bit with the instructions but once they set to work, they got the entire installation done in about an hour and that included removing the older unit. They did make the comment that it was helpful that we had the previous unit installed because the electrical wiring was already in place. If it hadn’t been there, we would have had to have that wiring installed, too, which would have been another layer of improvements.

Operation of the RYOBI Garage Door Opener has been a breeze. The initial set-up was a bit of work, but that’s only because you have to set the passcode on the exterior keypad. I can recommend this system to anyone looking to upgrade their garage door opener. It’s actually cost-competitive with other belt-driven garage door openers. For example, the Chamberlain 1–1/4 HPS* Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup and Ultra-Quiet Operation retails for around $268 whereas the RYOBI is around $248 (without the modules). Each of the modules range in price from $38 up to $99 (the security camera). Our system ended up with a retail value of $438 after all the modules were added. I haven’t researched how much items of similar value would be if they were purchased separately, but I would think they would be around the same cost ($200) or more.

If I had this set-up to do over again, I believe I would do it exactly the same way. I’m very happy with the end result and I love having an added level of security with the garage door opener. It’s easy to monitor and if I’m away and one of my friends needs to check on the house, I can let them in through the garage remotely rather than leaving a key with them. I believe the RYOBI Garage Door Opener is a very nice investment for any home.

For more information, visit ryobitools.com/gdo/opener.
Find RYOBI on Facebook and Twitter.

Originally published at macsources.com on August 28, 2017.



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