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Ruggard Electronic Dry Cabinet


Protecting your gear is a must

I never would have thought of the amount of humidity in my office before I started collecting camera gear. As soon as I start reading about the best way to store it, I found that humidity can wreak havoc on lenses and that having a safe place to store them. That’s where electronic dry cabinets come in handy. I was able to test out the Ruggard Electronic Dry Cabinet recently and thought it really did a nice job of securing and maintaining a dry environment for my gear.


The Ruggard Electronic Dry Cabinet is designed to provide an electronically controlled dehumidifier for those who have electronics that could be damaged by excess moisture in the air. Many users of dry cabinets will be using it for things like camera lenses, but it can also be used to protect other devices like hard drives and even laptops. There are several different sizes of the Ruggard Electronic Dry Cabinet — 18L (the smallest) up to 600L (the largest). In addition to protecting gear from humidity, it also keeps out excessive dirt and dust. The cabinet is regulated by a TE Cooling Wafer to help prevent fungus and corrosion caused by humidity. The cabinet also has a glass door and rubber seal to keep the contents free from elements. The cabinet also features silent, dripless operation as well as an LCD that allows you to see all of the cabinet’s settings.


  • Electronically controlled dehumidifying system
  • Adjusts Relative Humidity from 35–60%
  • Includes Multi-Voltage Power Supply
  • Minimizes moisture and protects your equipment from dust and dirt
  • Easy-to-read LCD
  • Fixed shelf for storing raised items
  • Padded liners for soft, scratch-free cushioning
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Can be locked for safety


Getting the Ruggard Dry Cabinet set-up is pretty simple. You plug it into power and then turn the humidity setting to your desired level and place your products inside. I actually love how easy it is to use this cabinet. You set it and forget it. It just works and you can rest assured that your gear is safely stored in a climate controlled environment.

The Ruggard Dry Cabinet does a great job of being a dehumidifier as well as being organized storage for high-tech gear. I have the smallest version of the dry cabinet and while it does a nice job of storing a few items, it’s unfortunately not quite large enough for my purposes. I was able to easily fit three lenses and a portable hard drive in the cabinet, but not my camera body. So, in my opinion, this size cabinet (18L) is good for smaller items, but not for someone who has even a moderate amount of camera gear.

The cabinet is silent and if it weren’t for the LCD screen, I wouldn’t know that it’s actually on. As far as controlling humidity, I’m really glad that I have this cabinet for my lenses. In our area, humidity is a pretty big problem in the summertime and it seems to linger quite a bit in our house. So, I love having a cabinet available just for my lenses to live in. And, one big bonus with using these cabinets is being able to store things like camera lenses with some purpose and organization.


There are a lot of reasons to own a Ruggard Dry Cabinet. It’s a secure, stable place to store valuable electronics. It has a unique style to it and to top things off, Ruggard offers a 5-year warranty on it. I think it’s worth the investment even if you don’t think you need a dehumidifier.

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