Roav VIVA Vehicle Integrated Voice Assistant REVIEW Amazon Alexa in your car


As I mentioned, the Roav VIVA’s claim to fame is that it’s an Amazon Alexa assistant that plugs right into your car. The charger part takes advantage of Anker’s charging technology and allows you to simultaneously charge 2 devices at once — at full speed. There is a dedicated app that provides you a connection to all of Alexa’s features through your data network. Because you have control of Alexa, you can access all of its 25,000+ Alexa skills in any vehicle. In addition to the Alexa features, you also have the ability to enjoy 100% hands-free calling and music services supported by Alexa. With the Roav VIVA you can enjoy the same convenience that you do with the Echo Dot, but in about 1/4 the size. The device has 290 components incorporated to enable Alexa support, Bluetooth connectivity, and noise-reduction technologies that ensure that VIVA hears every word. VIVA is designed to perform well in any environment — even extreme temperatures.


The first thing I noticed was, of course, the packaging. The Roav VIVA comes in an impressive open-book style box with an outer sleeve. The outer sleeve features Roav’s brand colors (orange and white), a photo of the product, and several details of the product. On the front of the box is a “Made for iPhone” stamp of approval from Apple. When you open the box, you will find the VIVA laying in a section of sculpted foam for protection for the device. The VIVA is a one-piece device. There are no cables or accessories to worry about. You simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and start the engine to provide power to it. There is some paperwork included in the box with the Viva. These papers include a customer service satisfaction notice, Roav VIVA Skills Cards, the owner’s manual, and a quick start guide.


Even though Siri is still my main method of communication while I’m in my vehicle, I really enjoy having Amazon Alexa in my co-pilot seat at times. The design of the device is awesome — I love that they incorporated two high-speed USB-A ports for charging devices — and how easy it is to set up. I had very few problems with VIVA’s operations. In fact, the only real issue I had was that it wasn’t connecting properly after it had been disconnected from my vehicle after a longer period of time. Even though it has a simple design, you are still completely connected through the Roav VIVA app and you will always know the status of the VIVA by its advanced LED indicator (full list of indications in the owner’s manual). At a very competitive price of around $40 USD, I think this is a great add-on for anyone looking to increase their driving experience and make their vehicle just a little smarter.




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