Roav Dashcam C2 REVIEW Capture the Unexpected in HD


The Roav Dashcam C2 arrived in a 6 3/16 inches wide by 5 15/16 inches tall by 3 5/16 inches wide retail package. Along the front of the box, Anker masterfully displayed the High-Definition 1080P Video, Extreme Temperature, Superior Nighttime Clarity, Shock-Activated Recording dashcam. The lifelike image showed both the front and back of camera upon a white background. The orange striped accents along your right added some much-needed color to the cover. Rotating the package 90 degrees clockwise, Anker conveniently added their contact email and phone number for customer support. The opposing face recommended that you downloaded the Roav Dashcam app from the App store or Google Play store. The visually appealing orange colored reverse face provided a detailed specification list for the camera: Ambarella A12A25 chipset, Sony IMX Nighttime 323 Sensor, temperature operation 14–158F, F2.0 Lens, 470 mAh LiPo battery, 1080P 30 FPS video, G sensor, 3″ screen. Additionally, the back provided a “whats in the box” for the consumer. You can expect to find the Dashcam C2, Anker 2-port car charger, micro-USB charging cable, owner manual, trim removal tool and happy card. The bottom of the box provided additional information about the wide angle HD lens, nighttime sensor, wide operating temperature and advanced gravity sensor to detect collisions. I was pleased with the overall appearance of the product and was excited to unbox and test the camera.

Dashcam/Car Adaptor

I was very pleased that Anker chose to include a universal dual port 12V charger, instead of a hardwired adaptor plug. I have tested many automotive products that provided their adaptor/cable and this severely limited my ability to charge and use additional tech devices within my truck. The 0.9 ounce USB adaptor measured 2 1/2 inches long and 1 1/16 inches diameter. The positive tip and negative side wings allowed the Anker 12V adaptor to fit snuggly into the 12V car adaptor port on my Chevy Silverado. There was no wiggle within the adaptor/port, and the device only stuck out about 1 1/4 inches from my dash. Each port is capable of 2.4A output with a total of 14A, which should not overpower the 15A fuse/circuit. With the 137 1/2 inches long cable and the trim removal tool, Anker wants their Roav Dashcam product to be a permanent fixture within your vehicle.


The inclusion of the cigarette 12V adaptor was a much-appreciated surprise. For a device at this price point, I would have expected a reasonable camera, suction cup mount and a USB adaptor cable only. Instead, Roav by Anker cares about you and your overall experience. The installation was easy, the needed power supply was provided to you, in fact, they went above and beyond in the power supply category. The camera resolution was crisp, you get a great viewing angle, and the features are so easy “a caveman could do it.” You will need to buy a micro SD card 32–128 GB. Personally, 32GB will work just fine. I was able to test the device with a 16GB Class 10 card and found it to be adequate, other than the continual warning that I needed a card with more “gees.” I would encourage this device and rate happily rate it at 4.5/5 stars.




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