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5 min readAug 8, 2019

RHA TrueConnect


Great feel and style for earbuds

I’m an Apple fanboy. I admit it. I love the AirPods and would use them more often if they would just stay in my ears. Unfortunately, I am one of the many people that AirPods just don’t fit very well. So because of this, I am always on the lookout on what could be my new favorite earbuds. For a while now my favorite has been the Jabra Elite Active 65t. They have a great feel and the sound is hard to beat. The major problem with them is the charging case is a pain to open and it uses Micro USB to charge. So this leads me to the RHA TrueConnect Wireless Earbuds. These have a much better feel to me and the case opens with such ease.


The TrueConnect Wireless Earbuds from RHA are designed to be stylish while providing excellent call and audio streaming quality. They are IPX5 sweat and water-resistant and they feature intuitive device and call control in the earpieces. The earbuds come with a charging case that can bring the headphones from an empty charge to 50% within about 15 minutes. Their ergonomic design features lightweight injection-molded construction and the stem design maximizes call quality. The earbuds are noise isolating and are secure during active use.


  • Full device and digital assistant control via touch and mic
  • Durable flip charging case carries 4 charges
  • Supplied with Comply™ TrueGrip Plus and RHA TrueConnect tips
  • 3-year warranty
  • Driver: 6mm dynamic
  • Colors: Cloud White, Navy Blue, Carbon Black
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Range: 10m
  • Weight: 13g (buds only), 91g (in charging case)
  • Battery: Li-Ion, 5+20 hours
  • Charging: 15m: 50%; 1h40: 100%

What’s in the Box

  • RHA TrueConnect true wireless earbuds
  • Fast charging case
  • USB-A — USB-C charging cable
  • Ear tip holder
  • 7x pairs, silicone true wireless ear tips (S/M/L)
  • 3x pairs, Comply™ Foam TrueGrip ear tips


When unboxing the TrueConnect earbuds, I found that they have a nicely printed box with information about the earbuds and photos of what you are getting. Inside you will find a huge selection of foam and rubber ear tips so you can rest assured that they will fit your ears unlike AirPods.

The size of the case is pretty standard with most wireless earbuds. It’s a bit bigger than the Jabra but I can forgive that because of the use of USB-C for charging. Being able to know I only have to carry one cable with me is outstanding. Most of the wireless earbuds I have tested lately have had some sort of touch control so I was surprised when I found that the TrueConnect was, in fact, using a push-button style control. It was refreshing and disappointing at the same time. The controls are all based on the button located in the center of the earbuds When first starting out it is a bit confusing but you get the hang of it quickly.

Because I am hard of hearing I do sometimes have a difficult time being able to truly appreciate the sound quality the way others do. With that in mind, I asked my fiance to try them out, too. She said that their sound quality was comparable to what she gets with the AirPods and they are her favorite earbuds. After listening to High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco, she was completely taken with the TrueConnect earbuds. She has a lot of issues with earbuds. Where the AirPods fit her perfectly, other earbuds tend to be the incorrect size and so she always finds she has a hollow sound with them. She basically ‘settles’ for them when her AirPods aren’t available, but when she got her hands on the TrueConnect earbuds, she wouldn’t give them back to me.

She found the sound to be well-balanced whereas I found it to be a little bass-heavy — quite possibly due to my particular type of hearing loss. My fiancé also said that she really loved how comfortable the TrueConnect earbuds are. She had a little trouble getting them settled into her ears at first, but once they were in place, they isolated outside noise without creating the ‘vacuum’ effect that some in-ear headphones cause.

Something else I wanted to note is I have seen other reviews talking about the left earbud cutting out on them. I haven’t experienced the left earbud cutting out while playing music but I have noticed that pulling them out after not using them for a day that I have had trouble getting the left earbud to connect at all. I put them in my ears and only the right one connects. I would then take them both, place them back in the charging case, and wait to see the lights appear on both earbuds then pull them back out and they seem to work fine after that. This is not an everyday occasion but it has happened a few times.


Something I would like to see improved is activating Siri. I found it to be rather slow to get my Apple assistant queued up. I can say I don’t notice this in other earbuds. This is not a deal-breaker at all since they sound good but I just wanted to point out. Overall, the design looks amazing, the color options are great, the large amount of ear tip choices are amazing, and once you get used to the controls they become second nature to use.

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