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7 min readJan 14, 2021

Nice option for a dual-camera dashcam.

Lately, this world has gotten crazy. Let me say it again, people have gotten crazy. This is why it’s even more important than ever to have a dashcam recording you and the road at all times. Having one gives you the peace of mind that if or when an accident happens that you have video evidence that you did everything right in the situation. I say this as someone who had to deal with a complicated accident a few years ago. I was driving across a narrow 2-lane bridge and the driver of the other truck claimed I was on my phone and that I crossed the center line. I was not on my phone and he was the one who crossed the center line. This was a heads-up moment for the insurance company who happened to represent us both. Since there was no way to tell who was at fault both claims got paid out. Needless to say that if I would have had a dashcam — like the REXING V3 Basic — I would have been in a place to show that I wasn’t at any fault.


The Rexing V3 Basic is designed for ‘professional drivers’ according to their website. It features front and in-cabin full HD cameras that record 1080p video at 30 fps. The camera has a g-sensor (gravity sensor) built-in to detect collisions when they occur. When the g-sensor is triggered, the current video clip is locked so that it doesn’t get recorded over. During the day, the camera records in full color, but at night, or when there is decreased light in the cabin, the V3 uses infrared night vision to ensure there is absolute clarity with the recorded video. The camera uses Wi-Fi connections in order to transfer videos to phones or tablets through the use of an app interface. In addition to all its video recording features, the V3 Basic also has an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to alert drivers when they are encroaching on another car’s space or moving out of a lane. The camera is powered with ‘capacitor power’ which is an alternative to a lithium-ion battery. The supercapacitor has enhanced resistance to hot and cold climates and it provides long-term reliability over battery-operated dashcams.

Image Sensor

Front — Sony STARVIS, In Cabin — IMX323


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