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5 min readApr 30, 2019

Looking for a travel charger for your tablet and phone? Look no further than the RAVPower Super-C 61 W.

With power outlet real estate at a premium, I do not use single port USB chargers. Instead, I opt for multi-port wall outlets or USB hubs. It seems that some rooms have a surplus of underutilized outlets, while others have a “This is Us” fire hazard waiting to happen. Most of our consumer devices/electronics (non-kitchen/bathroom) utilize USB charging. As more and more devices turn to the newer and more robust USB-C charging, I continue to look for improved charging options.

The RAVPOWER Super-C 61W 2-Port Wall charger arrived in a quaint 2 11/16 inches wide by 2 3/4 inches tall by 1 3/8 inches thick retail box. The white cover provided a clean background for the slightly raised, glossy, polychromic green R at the center of the panel. Similar to the side panels, the blue-green text on the cover was visually appealing. The RAVPOWER name was brilliantly displayed atop the cover in a descending blue-green gradient and “Super-C 61W 2-Ports Wall Charger” was displayed along the bottom. The top and bottom panels broke from the tradition and used black font to display “Stay Powered” and “Welcome to the RAVPOWER Family 20,000,000+ and counting” respectively. The rear panel provided the most useful information: product title, RP-PC105 model number, US/International addresses, QR code linking to the www.ravpower.com website and typical product packaging labels.

Within the box, you will find a 2 1/2 inches square by 1 1/8 inches thick white charging brick, wrapped in a semi-opaque plastic bag. Additionally, you will find a 1 15/16 inches wide by 2 5/16 inches tall bifold pamphlet and an 18-panel instruction manual. The exterior of the bifold pamphlet had a similar dark-to-light green gradient as the RAVPOWER on the cover. Within the pamphlet, l was given instructions to register the product ( RAVPower.com/warranty) for the 12 month warranty, 180 day return shipping, and customer support information for USA, Germany and Japan. The outer surface of the pamphlet had “RAVPOWER’ in white along the cover and a QR code along the rear surface. The instruction manual provided a very useful labeled diagram on panel 3, detailing the USB-C port, USB-A port, LED indicator light and retractable Type A wall prong. The fourth panel provided a convenient specification table. The adaptor will accept 100–240V input, 50–60Hz, 16A max input and can output 5V /2.4A (12W max) through the USB-A port while simultaneously providing 5V/3A,9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3A, 20.3V/3A (61W Max). When used in combination, you can expect a max of 51W output from the 5.3 ounce charger. The manual recommended that you plug the AC cables into the charger first and then into the wall to charge your devices. To remove them from the charger, the manual recommended that you remove the entire powerbrick first and then USB cable from the RAVPOWER device. The reverse panels provided the contact information, customer service information, and warranty information.

I plugged a DROK USB-C Multimeter into the USB-C port on the device, a USB-C to lightning cable into the DROK USB-C port, the lighting cable into my iPad Pro 10.5" and then the RAVPOWER charger into the wall. I also had a standard USB-A to lightning cable plugged into my iPhone X during this test. The Multimeter read 5V/2.36A output to my iPad Pro 10.5". At 5:57 pm my iPad was at 32% power. By 6:49 pm the iPad was at 60% power, by 7:43 it was 82% power and it was fully charged by 8:40. This took roughly 2 hours to charge my 8134mAh battery from 30% to full. For my second test, I used a USB-C to USB-C cable and charged my Nintendo Switch starting at a fully depleted state The DROK USB-C multimeter read 15V/0.16A initially and then increased to 15V/.27A after about ten minutes and then up to 15V/0.93A after another ten minutes. Starting at 8:30 am, my Nintendo Switch was fully charged by 11:10. With the typical NES Switch charge time of approximately 3-hours from a fully depleted state, I was pleased with the rate of charge for my iPhone XS Max and Switch. If you wanted a black charget to match your Nintendo Switch, you can navigate to the RAVPower website and purchase the device in black as well.

I was pleased to be able to charge my Nintendo Switch in both docked mode and in handheld mode. Why would I fumble around behind my TV to unplug all of the components when a simple USB charging cube and cable would suffice? Luckily, the RAVPower charger frees me from that task. The charger will not provide enough power to efficiently charge the latest 15″ version of the MacBook Pro. However, if used alone, it could power a 13″ MacBook (Not tested). The device will lay flat inside of your luggage, a backpack, or a pocket. The retractable wall prong will reduce snags, rips, and tears on your bag or clothing. To summarize, I was quite pleased with the RAVPower 61W charging cube. Thanks to the RAVPower Super-C, I have found the perfect addition to my Nintendo PortA Messenger bag.

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