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4 min readDec 20, 2017


I’ve fought the losing battle for many years of having a comfortable office chair. I typically come into a job where someone has already been using the chair for quite some time and as a result, I have a used, second-hand chair. If you have a job like me that requires you to sit for several hours at a time (aka a desk job), then you will feel my literal and figurative pain. As a person who suffers from lower back pain, a used chair doesn’t tend to help me out much. So, when it came time for me to work with a new chair, I sought out a gamer’s chair. These chairs, while not built for ‘office work’ are designed for the long-term comfort of the user. The Ferrino XL gaming chair from RapidX came highly recommended so I thought I would check it out.

RapidX is a company that designs products for modern life. They operate under a consumer-centric model of production and really look at the needs of their customer’s satisfaction. Their ergonomic office and gaming chairs are designs specifically to provide comfort and luxury to gaming and working experiences.

The Ferrino XL, like many of the RapidX chairs, take inspiration from the seats within racecars. It has a professional bucket-seat style complete with a diamond-patterned backrest and colored stitching. The core of the chair is ergonomically and orthopedically designed to provide maximum comfort. It is not ‘stuffed’ like most office chairs. The Ferrino XL is constructed with dense polyurethane foam that is designed to support your spine. This chair is actually built on the original Ferrino design from RapidX, but the XL version features a wider, more sturdy seat with extra padding to hold up to 350 pounds comfortably.

The Ferrino XL has some awesome stand out features including:

  • A locking mechanism that tilts the seat in 5 positions
  • A five-point base on 3-inch rim-styled casters
  • 3D-adjustable PVC armrests with three directional settings
  • A life cylinder that adjusts seat height from 16–20 inches
  • Adjustable and removable neck and lumbar support pillows

This office chair actually also acts as a recliner on occasion. The backrest will recline from 85 to 155 degrees while the seat tilts. The chair has easy to use levers and controls so that when you want to tilt, recline, or raise/lower the seat, you can do it with extreme ease. The chair is available in several different color patterns including the one I opted for, Green on Black. The bold color accent is displayed not only in the diamond-patterned stitching but also in the 2.5-inch color strip that wraps around the perimeter of the chair back and seat.

The only downside I’ve really seen with this remarkable piece of furniture is that ‘some assembly is required.’ If you’ve ever put together an office chair, that’s pretty much what you are looking at with the Ferrino XL. The seat ships as a single piece with the armrests preinstalled. The seat back is also all one piece and you simply slide it into the metal bracket on the seat. I actually really like this design feature because I feel like the chair is more stable than other office chairs. The metal brackets allow the seat back to recline.

After the screws are tightened into the metal brackets, you will then attach the mechanism to the seat bottom. This has the control levers on it. Next, you will attach the provided casters to the 5-star base and insert the hydraulic lift into its center. Finally, you will lower the seat assembly onto the base. The chair is essentially done at this point except for the optional pillows. I will admit that I was tempted to leave the pillows off, but I really find they add to the comfort of the chair. All in all, I would say that it only took about 15–20 minutes to assemble the chair.

After I had the chair assembled, I immediately tried it out. I was completely amazed at how comfortable it is. I instantly felt supported from the ground up and loved the way it rolled around — even on carpet. One of the biggest problems I always have with office chairs it the stability of the caster. These are heavy-duty and I haven’t had any issues with them whatsoever. I use this chair at home primarily so the time I sit in it isn’t as much as the chair I use at work, but I still have solid 3–4 hours in it a night. I’ve been very, very happy with it. I’ve found my back hurting less and I’ve also felt less tired since I’ve been using it. I have even used the reclining feature for a power nap and it works great. The reclining mechanism is actually so smooth and flawless that I wish more chairs had it built in. Prior to this chair, I was using a very basic desk chair. It had a plastic frame that ended up breaking under stress so the Ferrino XL is a big step up for me.

CONCLUSIONS Even though I am using this chair primarily for desk work my fiancé uses it for gaming, it works beautifully. I’ve actually used a back massager while sitting in this chair and think the combination of the massager and firm chair have been helping my chronic pain issues and improving my posture. At the retail price of around $380, it is a better product and price then the standard office chair. The Rapid-X Ferrino XL Gaming Chairit’s is built to last and will provide continued comfort for its users. You can pick one up via Amazon at the link below.


For more information, visit rapidx.io.
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