Rabbit Charger REVIEW The Always-There Charging Solution


The Rabbit Charger is dubbed “the ultimate charging system” by its website and when you look at the specs, you might agree. First of all, the Rabbit Charger is the “always-there” charging option. It has integrated, retractable cables built into the power outlet. You never have to worry about losing or searching for cables again. The cable is 28” in length and will tuck away neatly when you are done using it. The tips of the cable are swappable. It comes with Micro USB plugs installed and gives you the option of adding a USB-C (included) tip or an Apple Lightning tip (sold separately) to the end for whatever device you want to charge. The Rabbit Charger is only compatible with standard duplex outlets and will output 3.0 amps of power, which means it can charge both a phone and a tablet at the same time. The Rabbit Charger provides a subtle ambient light from a built-in LED.


The Rabbit Charger comes in a very dramatic box. It’s mostly black from the front with some highlights of blue and white. You can see a subtle silhouette of the device’s image in the background and the words “Rabbit Charger” and “DUO” are printed there as well. The front cover is magnetically closed but will open up to reveal a transparent window in the box where you can see the charger itself. The back of the box shows a product image of the device and a brief description of the product along with the swappable charging tips that are available.


All in all the Rabbit Charger is an interesting device. It works well and brings convenience to your charging needs. You do lose one outlet when you install the Rabbit Charger so there is space to wind up the charging cable inside the unit. For me, this is a worthy sacrifice since I would have been plugging power bricks in and multiple cables that would clutter up the area. Even though I didn’t know I needed it, I’m not sure what I would do without the Rabbit Charger now.




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