QacQoc Multiport USB-C Hub REVIEW and Giveaway

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One of the most exciting things about updating computer systems is finding new accessories to go along with them. I’ve done a lot of work and research on the best options for USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 accessories for my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and while some items do a great job, others sort of fall flat. I recently became acquainted with an accessory company called QacQoc (Robyn did a review on their USB-C Hub a few weeks ago) and I’ve been very impressed with both the quality and style of their products. So, when the opportunity to test out their Multiport USB-C Hub (GN28Q) came up, I decided to give it a try.

This hub was specifically designed to work with the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros from 2016 and newer. It has an aluminum body and is offered in a silver color that is complementary to Space Gray. The hub supports power delivery to devices and the laptop itself. It is very compact and features seven ports including:

  • Two (2) USB-C ports (one port is a Thunderbolt 3 port)
  • One (1) SD Card Slot
  • One (1) MicroSD Card Slot
  • Two (2) USB-A ports
  • One (1) HDMI port

The hub arrives in a fairly nondescript box. It is sufficiently labeled but does not provide any information on the product. When you open it up, you will see the hub. You will notice that it has two USB-C connectors that will plug into your MacBook Pro’s USB-C ports. The opposite side features all the ports listed above except the HDMI port, which is located at the end of the hub. The QacQoc Multiport USB-C Hub comes packaged with a multilingual quick start guide and a very slick leather carrying case. I personally found this to be a great touch because it has “QacQoc” embossed on the exterior and most hubs either do not include a carrying case, or they are a fabric pouch. I much prefer this type of case because it’s a bit more rigid and I’ve found it fits into my computer bag much easier.

The first part of the user experience is plugging the hub into the MacBook Pro. I actually tried it on both sides of my computer, but do prefer it on the lefthand side so that the logo of QacQoc is facing upward. There is a very, very small gap between the hub and the laptop, but it’s not enough to affect the function of either device. I actually love how flush it is with the laptop because it is almost acting as an extension of the MBP. Even though the plugs fit into the USB-C ports on the laptop tightly, I do not recommend packing your laptop around with it attached. When I plugged the power cable into the hub, the MBP automatically showed that it was connected to a Power Adapter and that the battery was charging.

Other than the passthrough power testing, I also tested data transfer to a USB 3.0 Flash Drive and an SDHC card. For each type of media, I transferred a single file that was 2.36GB in size. I also ran a Blackmagic Speed Test on both the flash drive and SD card. The results are listed below.

FLASH DRIVE: Transferred file in 35.88 secondsSD CARD: Transferred file in 38.39 seconds

Both types of media mounted to my computer almost instantly and I didn’t have any issues interacting with them when they were connected. I was able to drag-and-drop files normally and deleted them without any problems. The hub heated up a bit but didn’t ever get above 99º F, which to me, wasn’t too hot.

I did have one interesting event happen while testing. While I had the power connected to the hub, I plugged in a flash drive. It did not mount. So, I removed it and tried a different flash drive. It did not mount either and when I removed the second drive from the hub, my entire computer went black and restarted. I wasn’t able to recreate the event after the first instance of it, but it was a bit of a jarring experience and something I thought I should mention.

I absolutely love the design of this hub and adore its portability. The case that comes with it is unique and stylish. I do have some concerns with its functionality considering the random shutdown I experienced, but since I didn’t have any issues after that, I think it might have just been a glitch as it warmed up for the first time. The QacQoc Multiport USB-C Hub is a really nice, affordable option for portable workstations.


Want to win a Multiport USB-C Hub for the new MacBook Pro with TouchBar from our friends at QacQoc? Now is your chance! We will select two (2) random winners from the list of qualified entries on October 5, 2017. You can enter to win by doing one of the following:

  1. Sign-up using the form below and in the message box “Put QacQoc Giveaway”
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us why you would like to win
  3. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. The more you share, the more chances you have to win!


For more information, visit QacQoc
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Originally published at on September 25, 2017.



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