Pure Outdoor Emperor 25 Portable Refrigerator By Monoprice 2023 REVIEW — MacSources

7 min readApr 18

Stay cool on the go with the Pure Outdoor Emperor 25 Portable Refrigerator.

Even before the COVID-19 Pandemic made us all aware of how we could avoid undue illness, my fiancé and I have made every attempt to stave off unnecessary risks when we travel. One of those risks that people rarely think about is reusing hotel refrigerators. While some hotels are meticulous about how they clean after their guests leave, the refrigerator is sometimes an area that is overlooked. So, we started traveling with our own — portable refrigerator.

About two months ago, we took a long weekend trip and our 42L capacity portable refrigerator came with us. While we both agreed that having it with us was a godsend for the trip, it did have its shortfalls. For one thing, having it plugged in and on a floor without any venting caused a lot of condensation to collect. For another thing, the 42L refrigerator is 43 pounds when it is empty. That means it is close to 100 pounds when it is full.

With these things in mind and more long-weekend trips planned for the year, we decided to look into other portable refrigerator options. The Pure Outdoor Emperor 25 Portable Refrigerator was at the top of our list.

About Pure Outdoor Emperor 25 Portable Refrigerator

The Pure Outdoor Emperor Portable Refrigerator is designed to provide insulated, temperature-controlled storage for all your food and beverage needs. Since it is a refrigerator, adding ice is not necessary in order to keep items chilled. There is a layer of premium insulation to keep the cooling contained and the refrigerator features anti-shake and drop protection. The Emperor Portable Refrigerator is quiet and perfect for a picnic or camping.

The refrigerator can be powered by a standard AC power adapter or through a car port using the included DC car adapter. The Emperor comes equipped with a multi‑level battery monitor that protects your vehicle battery against excessive discharging.


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