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4 min readSep 8, 2017


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Earlier this year, I picked up a GoPro Hero5 to enhance my photography gear. It was a worthwhile investment, but I quickly found that I needed some accessories to make it really shine. I had a cheap third party handle mount for it, but I really wanted something substantial — something worthy to hold a GoPro. So, I decided to look to Polar Pro, a company that has dedicated themselves to improving the outdoor filming experience by providing outstanding accessories for GoPros and drones. After reviewing their inventory, I found the Trippler Compact Tripod/Grip/Pole for GoPro camera and smartphones.

The Trippler is a fantastic combo accessory that blends three items into one. It’s small enough to carry with you anywhere you go (it folds up to the size of a simple handle mount — approximately 7.5 inches long) and it makes it possible for you to have multiple mounts in one succinct product. The Trippler is made out of aluminum, glass filled nylon, and rubber. It’s a solid product and it’s much more sturdy than the standard flimsy selfie stick. Honestly, I think it’s the best option to stabilize and mount a smartphone or action camera.

The Trippler will fit with all GoPro camera via the GoPro mount and 1/4″-20 screw mount that is part of the Trippler. This mount also makes it possible for screw-mounted accessories to be used as 1/4″-20 is a fairly standard size for tripods. Even though it’s called “The Trippler” this pole system is actually a 4-in-1 device. It works as a tripod, pole, grip (handle mount), or a phone stand. The pole ships with a mobile phone mount that will work with iPhones up through the iPhone 7 size (the box actually says iPhone 6/6s, but I have an iPhone 7 and it works just fine with it). This mobile phone mount will also work with smaller point-and-shoot cameras, too. Because of the Trippler’s compact nature, you can easily slip it into any camera bag or purse on the off chance you might need it.

I really love this product. For years now, I’ve struggled to find the perfect smartphone/action camera mount. I’ve used everything from selfie sticks to adjustable, spring-loaded smart phone holders that are unbearable to use. The Trippler has been perfect not only for field work with the GoPro but also as a smartphone stand on my desk. I’ve found that it’s perfect for shooting a quick video or having a teleconference via FaceTime because it’s so adjustable.

To use it, you simply attach the GoPro (or other device) to the screw mount. If you want to use it as a grip, you don’t have to do anything else. To use it as a desktop smart phone stand, you can extend the feet and then extend the interior pole a bit so that it stands a few inches tall. If you want to use it as a pole, you simply extend the internal pole by twisting it until it unlocks. And finally, if you want to use it as a tripod, you just extend the three feet outward while the pole is extended. It’s incredibly easy and very quick to switch between the different modes of the Trippler.

One of my favorite field tests with the Trippler actually also involved my DJI Mavic Pro. I wanted to test out a landing pad I had purchased so I took the GoPro and the Trippler with me so that I could capture the video of the take-off and landing from the GoPro. I was incredibly impressed with the Trippler’s performance because not only was it having to stand on uneven ground, but it was also strong enough to withstand the wind generated by the Mavic. If you’ve even stood beneath a Mavic you will know that it’s a lot like being in a wind tunnel. The GoPro was well within the range of the Mavic in order to detect the breeze from the Magic and the Trippler did not falter. It held steady and didn’t tip over.

Another test I did actually involved the GoPro, the Trippler as a grip mount, and a swimming pool. While visiting some family in early August, I decided to jump off the diving board while holding the GoPro. When I did that, I completed a front flip and got some awesome underwater/splash down footage. I found that the Trippler provides a very solid non-slip grip when used for water coverage.

The Trippler is really the only mount you will need for the GoPro. It’s an amazing tool that is very easy to use and because it’s so compact, it’s ideal to take with you anywhere you go. This remarkable product now goes with me everywhere and I love using it.

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