PogoCam Wearable Camera REVIEW


PogoCam allows you to capture moments as they happen from your point of view. It doesn’t require any special apparatus in order for you to wear it either. It’s simply a camera that slides on to the stem of your existing glasses. The camera comes with three PogoLoop adapters that slide over the stem and attach PogoCam magnetically. The PogoCam is 1.7″ long x 0.5″ wide and only weighs about 5 grams. The camera encased inside PogoCam is a 5MP camera (the iPhone 7 camera is 12MP) and can store up to 100 photos or 6 30-second videos at 720p 30fps. Videos will be recorded as AVI files. The camera has a 74º diagonal field of view and a 60º horizontal field of view.

User Experience

Getting the PogoCam set up is actually fairly easy. You will first want to download the app for your phone. The app connects wirelessly to the smart case, but not directly to the PogoCam. In order to connect to what’s on the camera, you will have to plug it back into the case. Selecting a PogoLoop to fit onto my glasses isn’t particularly difficult, but the quick start guide doesn’t give a lot of guidance on how to install it. I was able to figure it out (You stretch the loop that is sticking out of one end of the magnetized plate and slip it over the stem of your glasses. Then, you slip the other end of the loop around the stem and slide the entire magnet piece towards the frame.), but can see how it might be confusing at first since they all look so similar. The quick start guide also instructs you to place one of the safety loops on the PogoCam before attaching it to the PogoLoop. This is just a security measure in case the magnet fails, but it’s still a nice failsafe to have in place. The PogoCam actually attaches quite nicely to the PogoLoop.

  • It would be great if the PogoCam could be directly connected to the app. I would love to be able to see a live feed of what my camera is seeing and then tap ‘capture’ through the app rather than have to reach up and tap a button. It’s a lot more incognito in my opinion and a lot easier to control what is going on.
  • I’ve noticed that I have to reconnect to the smart case frequently. There were times when I was testing it that it would connect automatically and other times, like when the case’s battery was completely dead that I had to reconnect through Bluetooth. The case/phone wouldn’t connect automatically.


I really love the concept of PogoCam. It’s easy to use and comfortable to wear, but I found that some of the features need improvements for PogoCam to really shine. My hope is that PogoCam will get a software/firmware update that will likely fix some of the issues I discussed and make for a more enjoyable experience with the tiny spy-like camera. I think that the design of the camera is superb and the method to which it attaches to standard glasses, is outstanding. I hope that PogoCam continues to develop these systems technologies further.




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