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8 min readMay 22

Turn your tablet into a functional tablet-top with this dock.

Despite the positive functionality of my iPad Pro 12.9″ 5th generation and iPhone 14 pro max, sometimes the touchscreen is ineffective for needed tasks. For many of those instances, I often enjoy the keyboard, mouse, and bigger screen of my MacBook Pro 15″ and desktop. With the help of a docking station/hub, you may enjoy the benefits of a touchscreen tablet with many of the features of your home computer. Some may provide extra USB ports, video display ports, media slots, and even ethernet ports. A docking station can blend the features of a home computer/laptop with your tablet to create a tablet-top, a tech portmanteau.


The plugable USB-C Docking Station arrived in a clean, white-colored, 6 inches wide by 9 1/8 inches tall by 2 inches thick retail package. The black/hunter-green product name was listed atop the cover panel, at the top left of the lower panel, and within the lower table on the back panel. I loved the black/green color, plus the clever use of a USB-A tail underline feature. The cover’s lower edge provided a generic hunter green “USB-C Docking Station” descriptor and a muted grey “with Tablet or Phone Stand” lower descriptor.

The main focus was the obliquely angled silver-grey baseplate and device stand. The image showcased the rounded metallic hinges, the grey “plugable” name, dual USB-A ports, AUX headphone port, and sleek rounded edges. Beyond the product name, the bottom panel listed the UDS-7IN1 model number. The right side panel displayed an image of the right side of the plugable device. The black background contrasted nicely against the silver outer shell, the dual USB-A 5 Gbps ports, and the Audio in/out port.

The left panel displayed an image of the left side of the device. The contrasting panel had a USB-C “To Host” port, plus SD/Micro SD ports. The top frame provided an image of the Plugable’s silver-colored back panel, the 100W USB-C charger input, and the 4K@ 30Hz HDMI output port.


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