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6 min readNov 3, 2020

Good all-around video light

As more and more people work from home and feature video conferences as part of their typical workday, the need for easy-to-use, budget-friendly lighting options has become a necessity. There are ways to accomplish simple lighting abilities without elaborate set-ups and this video panel light from Pixel is one of those options. This light can provide a wide color temperature range with up to 3600 lumens of brightness so that you never sit in the dark while on video again. The light’s package comes with a stand and desk clamp so that it can be integrated into your workspace without being intrusive.


This light can be used for many different projects including video conferencing, portrait shooting, product photography, and even fill light for video. The light kit saves space thanks to its desk clamp and it’s easy to carry and assemble. There are two options for power — the included power adapter or NP-F series batteries (not included). The LCD display on the back of the light is a memory display and settings will stay the same as the last time you used the light. There are several items included in the kit: 1 x LED panel light, 1 x C-clamp stand (fit thickness 0.3–3.3 inches), 1 x power adapter, and 1 x wireless controller (1pc CR2032 battery included).

Mode: P50

>96 CRI

High Brightness (up to 3600 lumens)




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