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4 min readMar 9, 2022

Portable, Practical and Powerful charging option for Apple Watch

If you are an Apple Watch fan, you understand the need for daily charging. When home, you can use any number of stands/bases, or utilize the base cable. However, what about those times that you are not at home? Whether you are prepping for a weekend campout, a weeklong getaway, a day trip/hike, or perhaps a much longer trip like a through-hike, you must pair your tech charging needs to the gear you take with you.

When I camp with my 13-year-old son’s BSA Troop, or the younger Cub Scouts, I often have my Apple Watch Series 6 and iPhone 13 Pro Max plus a single 10,000 mAh battery, USB-A to Lightning cable, and a standard USB-A to Apple Watch Cable. I tire of lengthy cables and unruly cable management. Excitedly, Pitaka has a better way.

The Pitaka Power Dongle for Apple Watch arrived in a 3 inches wide by 3 15/16 inches tall by 7/8 inches thick retail hanging package. The cover panel listed the Pitaka name along the top left. the product name just beneath the company title, and the Made for Apple Watch Logo along the bottom right corner.

Despite the visual appeal of the black-on-white theme, the main showcase of the cover panel was the image of the obliquely angled Apple Watch Charger and the two listed product descriptors: 1. Magnetic Functionality. 2. For all Apple Watch Models. Combined with the black font, the image of the semi-translucent black charger contrasted beautifully against the sterile white background.

The side panels provided a QR Code to link to more Pitaka products, icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, the www.ipitaka.com website, and a quaint jingle “ALTERNATIVE TECH LIFE.” The rear panel listed the company name atop the panel and three product features below it: 1. Flexible Charging. 2. Magnetically Attaching. 3. Lightweight and Portable. The panel proved to be a bit busier than the other panels. Each of the features mentioned above was given a defining sentence.

Despite the plethora of words on the back cover, I did appreciate the added information. As an example, the panel described the added magnetic posts on each end to prevent loss of the USB-C cover/cap. The…


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