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5 min readSep 9, 2022

PitaTag for Multi-Tool protects your AirTag while adding functionality.

While the Apple AirTag can provide peace of mind to its owner that their belongings can always be found, the device is very small. Therefore, it stands to reason that adding a case to the AirTag might make the AirTag more visible. In some cases, an AirTag case can also add more functionality to the tiny tracking device. One such case is the PitaTag for Multi-Tool from Pitaka.

About PitaTag for Multi-Tool

The PitaTag for Multi-Tool is the world’s first multi-tool with AirTag case. It’s part of Pitaka’s PitaTag collection that seeks to make the most out of your AirTag. This excerpt from ipitaka.com describes the purpose behind the collection.

In our opinion, the purpose of AirTag is to search for what’s hidden, not look for what’s lost. Apart from providing protection, AirTag holders should help us find things that are hidden around. We design some tiny accessories and have the AirTag hide in them, so you don’t need to find those often-used items.

The multi-tool accessory is designed to go with you anywhere and it’s built tough so that whenever you need a tool, you have it. The multi-tool has the following attachments:

  • Pocket Knife — (1.5mm*2.0mm) — Made of grade 420 stainless steel, it’s a handy tool for unboxing your package.
  • 2.0-Caliber Allen Key — (H2*21mm) — This hexagon key is for M2 screws which are typically used in electrical equipment and mechanical products, including bicycles and the PITAKA MagEZ Stand.
  • Cross Screwdriver — (PH0*21mm) — The stainless steel cross screwdriver can handle screws M1.6 ~3.0 on devices like PSP, MP4, and MP3.
  • Slot-type Screwdriver — (3mm*21mm) — Use this slot-type screwdriver to unscrew or tighten your…




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