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PITAKA New MagMount Qi


Keep your phone charged and accessible with the wireless charging magnetic mount from PITAKA.

On my recent trip to North Carolina, I wanted more than to simply rest my iPhone 11 Pro Max upon the dash of my motorhome. Instead, I wanted a mounting option that would allow me to enjoy my Audible Book and Amazon Music while maintaining direct access to navigation. For this reason, I chose to pair the PITAKA MagCase with the PITAKA MagMount Qi.

The device arrived in an attractive 4 11/16 inches wide by 4 11/16 inches tall by 2 inches thick retail box. At first glance, my eye was immediately drawn to the 2 3/4 inches wide by 2 3/4 inches tall image of the PITAKA wireless charging magnetic mount upon a white background. I loved the clearly visible title across the top of the panel, “Fast Wireless Charging Your Phone While Driving” just beneath the title and the four small icons just to my right of the image. The icons detailed the 10W Fast Charging capability, active fan cooling, safer charging and “made with Aramid Fiber and zinc.” As an added touch of flair, the Qi icon and the word “Mag” were highlighted in maroon. The top/bottom/left side panels provided the PITAKA logo and www.ipitaka.com website address, whereas the right-side panel provided a QR code that linked to additional PITAKA products and many of the product manufacturing labels. The back panel of the MagMount displayed a lifelike 4 7/16 inches wide by 3 13/16 inches tall image of the PITAKA MAGCASE pairing with the MagMount Qi.

When I slid the lower box away from the upper box, I found a 2 5/16 inches wide by 3 1/8 inches tall magnetic mount, a 39 1/2 inches long USB-A to USB-C cable with a small 3/8 inches wide by 4 inches long velcro strap, a ball/socket vent mount, and a ball/socket 3m windshield/dash mount. The ball socket mount measured 1 11/16 inches long by 3/4 inches wide, while the vent mount base measured 1 5/16 inches long by 1 inches wide and had a 1 7/16 inches long ball/socket end. The back of the magnetic mount had a locking nut and a plastic socket that accommodated the ball joint. You can use either of the mounts with the main body. To install the mounting section, simply unscrew the nut, press the chosen ball section through the opening and then tighten down the nut once you have it in the chosen position.

Since I do not like cables hanging in my line of sight, I chose to use the vent mount instead of the window mount. I plugged the USB C end of the included braided cable into the base of the charging MagMount and the USB-A end into a DROK USB multimeter. The device read 4.79–4.91V1/1.18–1.54A and charged my iPhone 11 Pro Max at roughly 5–6W, which resulted in a 1% increase in power every 3–4 minutes. As a test, my Phone was at 80% at 10:59 PM and charged by 5% to 85% by 11:18 pm. For my second test, my phone started at 12% at 11:44 pm and was at 18% by 12:08 am. Interestingly, the multimeter showed a current of 5.05V/0.02–0.15A at rest, when my phone was not attached. The MagMount device had an included cooling fan that did run from time to time. Since current is delivered on-demand, I suspect that the internal components continued to draw power to make sure that the device remained cool/ready for use.

I loved the design of the MagMount QI, the central 1 1/4 inch magnetic charging section and the placement of the magnetic sections along the upper/lower borders. When paired with the PITAKA Metallic MagCase, the MagMount/case formed a strong bond and positioned the phone for proper charging/connection. When the MagMount was attached directly to the vent, there was no sagging of the vent. However, with the combined weight of the phone/case, the vent was unable to maintain the starting position. I wish that there was a lower stabilizer arm, like that seen in the Ventev Wireless Charging Car Kit. While driving, the iPhone sagged and did not maintain its position that well. Although better than resting my phone on the dash/console, I wish that this device had the lower stabilizer.

Overall, the combo PITAKA MagCase and MagMount Qi combined to provide a reliable mounting option. I did test out the 3M tape option and found that it worked better than the vent mount to maintain position. The connection between the phone and the magnetic charger was quite secure and did not drop throughout my journey. If you are looking for a well paired lightweight magnetic mountable case that also maintains the ability to wirelessly charge, look to PITAKA.

Learn more about PITAKA MagMount QI.
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Originally published at https://macsources.com on October 24, 2019.



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