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PITAKA MAGCASE iPhone 11 Pro Max


Slip into something a little more comfortable with the thin, lightweight, wireless chargeable, MagCase from Pitaka.

One of my favorite aspects of the modern smartphone is the ability to accessorize. Similar to the plethora of armor types available to Ironman, most people own a variety of outfits for a variety of occasions. Why then, should I solely rely upon a single outer shell for my new iPhone 11 Pro Max? Instead, the choice of case should match the need at hand. As an example, this past week, my wife, children, and I embarked upon our Fall Break trek to visit my parents in North Carolina. I did not want to rely upon the center console to house my iPhone, so I looked for a method to mount/charge it, while simultaneously using the navigation feature. The PITAKA MAGCASE, paired with the PITAKA NEW MAGMOUNT Qi seemed like the perfect option for that leg of my journey.

The Pitaka Magcase for the iPhone 11 Pro Max arrived in a rather unique 4 1/16 inches wide by 7 5/16 inches tall by 13/16 inches thick retail package. The two-part box had an upper 5 15/16 inches tall white slipcover and a full size internal black box. The cover displayed a 2 1/8 inches wide by 4 5/16 inches tall raised, glossy, image of the PITAKA case. Along the right side of the image, you will find four icons: 100% Genuine Aramid Fiber, 17g Lightness, 0.85mm Thinness, Wireless Charging Friendly. The left and right side panels displayed the Pitaka name and “Seamless Technology Experience.” The rear panel of the slipcover provided additional information about the case: 1. bulletproof material, 2. “thinnest protective” (military-grade materials without added bulk), 3. “Metal Plates Embedded” (eliminates the ugly metal plate eyesore), 4. Wireless Charging Friendly (metal plates elaborately placed to not interfere with charging). In addition to the added details, you will find an image of the back of the case, the union with the PITAKA NEW MAGMOUNT Qi charging pad, and several of the typical product manufacturer labels.

I slid the slipcover upward, removing it from the inner black box. The cover of the inner box displayed “SEAMLESS CARRYING EXPERIENCE” along the top and “PITAKA www.ipitaka.com" along the bottom. The back panel provided a small summary of the PITAKA brand, detailed the bullet proof nature of the Aramid Fibers, and the benefits of the PITAKA experience. With a good understanding of the product, I lifted the magnetic flap and found a QR code that provided installation/removal videos. Although I appreciated the inclusion of the information, it was likely unneccessary because installation was a snap. I was pleased with the packaging design and with the overall feel of the product. PITAKA did a great job promoting their product and educating the end user, without overwhelming them with extraneous information/imagery. Furthermore, I was pleased to find direct visual/tactile access to the 0.56 ounce PITAKA MAGCASE. The angular wavy black/dark grey lines provided a refreshing visual appeal, and I was surprised that the surface was flat/smooth instead of ribbed. The 1 1/16 inches wide by 1 1/8 inches tall camera cutout was well placed and had a nice raised protective rim.

I removed the case from the inner box and was surprised by the 3 1/8 inches wide by 6 1/4 inches tall by 5/16 inches thick measurements. I slid the right side edge of my phone into the case and then easily snapped the left side into the case. The right side of the phone had a trapezoidal cutout for the volume toggle and volume up/down buttons, which measured 1 11/16 inches wide along the screen, 1 7/16 inches wide along the back of the screen, and 1/4 inches thick. The top panel had a 2 7/16 inches wide by 1/8 inches thick trapezoidal cutout. The left side panel had a trapezoidal cutout for the power button, which measured 1/4 inches thick by 3/4 inches wide along the back of the phone, and 1 1/16 inches wide along the screen. The lower trapezoidal cutout measured 2 1/4 inches wide along the back of the case, 2 7/16 inches wide along the screen surface, 3/16 inches thick and had a small divot for the lightning port. The case remained affixed to my iPhone mostly by the left/right curved plastic sides and small portions along the top/bottom. Regardless of the cutouts, the phone did not wiggle, did not shift, nor did it rattle. If your case proved to be a little loose, the company provided a few 1 3/16 inches diameter stickers to secure the case to the phone. The inner surface of the case was just as smooth as the outer surface of the case. You will find “Compatible with PITAKA magnetic mount” written within the inner surface of the case. To remove the case from the phone, simply push either the upper or lower corners of the case away from the phone. The rest of the case will easily pull away from the phone.

I did not find any issues with the ability to wirelessly charge my iPhone with a variety of devices. I tested out the MagMount QI and liked the mount/charging capabilities of the device; I will have a review of the MagMount QI available in the next few days. In addition to the PITAKA wireless charger, I was able to use my VENTEV wireless desk charger and enjoyed full access to every lightning charger type that I tried. The cutouts bordered on excessive and some may feel concern for the lack of coverage. The case ultimately seemed more like lingerie for my iPhone than an entertaining/going-out outfit. However, both styles have their respective pros/cons/roles. I found no concern with the installation process, nor with the removal process. My biggest and possibly only concern was that the solid backed case limited my ability to see the color of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Except for a small splash of color, visible through the camera cutout, it would not matter which color of phone you selected. Since I bought the new midnight green color, I was a little saddened that I was not able to enjoy the new color. However, as noted above, this case does not have to be your daily carry case. When I arrived in North Carolina, I easily removed the PITAKA case and installed the Catalyst Impact Case (review coming soon) for iPhone Pro Max (6.5 inch).

If you are looking for a single case to satisfy every need, your quest will likely end in disappointment because a specialized case will nearly always outperform a generalist case. Thus, I have a few different cases that I rely upon. Catalyst has fulfilled my waterproof case need as well as my everyday carry case/work case need but not my travel charge/mount navigation need. The PITAKA MAGCASE has now assumed that role.

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Originally published at https://macsources.com on October 23, 2019.



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