Piccadilly Gear4 iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW Slim, Scratch Resistant and Impact Protected

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One of my favorite features of the modern Smartphone is the ability to customize it with a case. There are those of us who choose to leave their phones in a completely unadorned state (scary), some that choose a bumper style case that protects the sides/back and sticks up just enough to somewhat protect the screen or some choose more all-encompassing cases. Each style has its own benefits and drawbacks. You may want minimal protection from bumps, scrapes, and drops or you may want to child-proof your phones. One company capitalizes on this idea by selling a Lifeproof case. Those cases can be bulky and may hide the beauty of your device. The type of case you chose can be changed at a whim, which is incredibly convenient. You may have one case for daily use, one case for travel, or another for professional work/videos. If you are interested in a truly protective bumper style case, consider the Piccadilly D3O protected bumper style case.

The Piccadilly Gear4 case arrives in a white cardboard retail package. On the cover, you will see a clear plastic bumper style case along the top right and some additional information about the case along the bottom. The case is protected with D3O technology, which is a UK based company that designs protective gear. Similar to Oobleck, a nonnewtonian fluid, when gently manipulated the material is soft, tangible, and flexible but when a sudden force is applied, the material hardens and absorbs shock. The case has been tested and found to surpass Military standard (Mil-STD 810G) 3Meter/9foot drop testing. Essentially, the case is soft enough to cradle your phone but when needed is strong enough to protect it even more.

Lifting up the front magnetic cover, you will be able to see the clear plastic case through a clear plastic window. I personally love this style of marketing/packaging, as it truly showcases the product. Along the left flip cover, the company details information about the D3O technology, in four languages (English, French German and Spanish). Essentially there are two layers of material, an outer TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) shock absorbing layer and an inner D3O force reducing layer. Turning the packaging over, the back provides very similar information. The only other new piece of information on the back is the discussion about the scratch resistant material coating along the back.
Slide the inside orange cardboard downward and remove the case from the packaging. The case measures 3 1/4 inch wide by 6 7/16 inches tall by 3/8 inches thick and only weighs 1.5 ounces. The outer shell backing is very durable and feels like plexiglass. Interestingly, the edges feel more rubbery and are quite flexible. There are cutouts for the iPhone 7 plus camera and flash, which are well positioned. There are also built-in plastic buttons that are positioned over the power button, volume up and down buttons and the toggle. Along the bottom of the case, you will find a cutout for the lightning port and for the speakers. The case could potentially fit an iPhone 6s plus but there is no cutout for the 3.5mm port, which is absent on the iPhone 7 plus.

The case is clear and is perfect to display your iPhone 7 plus. Having chosen the Jet Black version for my current iPhone, I am concerned about scratching the coating. I have previously had my phone inside of an Otterbox Defender case and the open camera section of the case allowed dust to get into the case. There are a few scuffs along the bottom of my phone from the little amount of movement that occurs within the case.

There are two drawbacks to bumper style cases. First, there is no true screen protection. If you have a liquid protector like Kristall or similar or you have a Glass protection like a ZAGG shield or similar, this is likely all the case you will need. For those of you who want to carry the phone in a purse or in a back pocket, this style of case does an amazing job at keeping your keys from scratching or damaging your phone and protects from those accidental falls. Having used this case now for a week, I can say that it does a good job and it is snug enough that there is minimal movement. The second complaint that I have is that there is no way to affix this to my person. I have grown accustomed to carrying my phone in the appendix carry position, over my right hip. In this location, my phone is readily available, I can feel the vibration and I know exactly where my phone is. This is not a negative of the case, rather a personal preference. However, as I am used to carrying it on my person, I felt something was missing with my phone in my pocket.

I did drop the case (without the phone) from 3 feet onto each corner and back. I can report that there was no damage, no chipping, no cracks and no scratches/dents. I added my phone and grudgingly dropped it onto each of the 4 corners from about 1 foot onto my hardwood kitchen floor. There was no damage to the case or to the phone. Even though this case is designed to protect from 3 feet, I am not brave enough to try it. Definitely, consider this case if you are looking for a bumper style case or a minimalistic case. Do not think that because it seems simple that it is not incredibly advanced. Non-Newtonian materials are incredibly cool and this case has a huge amount of chemistry tech built into it. I rate the case at 5/5 stars and would encourage you to learn more about it from their website. Choose the color that best fits your phone. It is also available for other phone brands.

Learn more about Gear4 and the Piccadilly case through their website at gear4.com.
Follow Gear4 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Originally published at macsources.com on June 15, 2017.



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