OxyLED Under Cabinet Light REVIEW More uses than you may think.

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Over the Labor Day Holiday, my family and I enjoyed a camping trip to Land Between the Lakes State Park, in Kentucky. We have graduated from tent camping and now enjoy a class C motorhome. Unfortunately, lighting inside and outside of my early 2000’s motor home is not ideal. I have been looking for under cabinet lighting options, for use in my home or possibly inside of my motorhome, and stumbled upon the OxyLED under cabinet lights. I have tested quite a few of their products and have not been disappointed. I feel that OxyLED is under appreciated in the lighting world. I have discussed this with family and friends on Facebook and we have found plenty of use for these lights. In fact, I will not be using the OxyLED under cabinet lights in my home, I found that they actually work amazingly well in different environments.

The OxyLED Under Cabinet lights arrived in a very plain brown cardboard box with an ink drawing of the light on the cover. The packaging promises a 6 pack of 80-lumen lights, controllable with a remote. The reverse of the packaging details the description, features, and specifications of the device. Each of the lights has 4 LEDs, which can be adjusted between six brightness levels. You are supposed to be able to turn the lights on/off, adjust brightness and set timer controls with the remote. Drawing only 0.8W, this kit provides a really convenient source of lighting. Mount the lights with adhesive tape, screw/mounting hardware or with the built in magnet. Each light requires three AAA batteries (not included) and the remote control requires a coin cell battery (included). The posterior text paints a great picture for the device, but perhaps may be too narrow of a scope.

Inside of the packaging, you will find six 3 inch diameter by 1 1/4 inch tall lights nestled inside of a clear form fitted plastic rack. Beneath each light, you will find a 1.5-inch disk of 3M mounting tape. In between the lights (in small cutouts), you will find 12 drywall anchors and 3/4 inch long screws (screw head 3/16 inch, 1/8 inch wide screw). Each light has 4 LED across the front, in a 2×2 pattern, and OxyLED clearly displayed in between the lights. To the right of the device is a small black button, which works as the external on/off switch. Turning the light over, you can see the 1/2 inch mounting magnet. Turn the back of the light counterclockwise and add three AAA batteries. There is a hidden on/off toggle switch, which can act as a master switch. The side button will not illuminate the LEDs if the inside toggle is set to the off position. If you examine the back of the lamp, you will notice pre-drilled mounting holes, which are incredibly convenient for mounting. I really appreciate that OxyLED provided the 3M tape disks, magnets and mounting hardware for these devices. As a consumer, I really cannot complain about the product or the included accessories.

I tried the device under my cabinet and was immediately impressed with the quality of the light and with the sensitivity of the remote. They were really easy to install using the 3M tape and securely adhered to my refrigerator with the magnets. It was during this test that I thought about other possible uses for this device. Perhaps you are a mechanic, looking for under the hood/vehicle lighting. Whether you use one or multiple, you can create a very bright working environment. You can attach one or more of them to your Craftsman toolbox or to a metal support beam. Lastly, and the way I will likely utilize the device, you can use these as environment lighting around a mobile home or camper/motor home. On our recent camping trip, my wife and I observed many people using rope lights and LED string lights. We wanted more for our motorhome and decided to try the OxyLED under cabinet lights along our motorhome. I am aware that these are not waterproof and would not intend to leave them out in a rainstorm or during a dewy night. However, for a gathering, for dinner, etc., these lights exceeded my expectations.

The remote is incredibly sensitive and works using infrared (IR) technology. You will need to point the remote at the light to change the features. The remote has an on button and off button along the top. In the middle, arranged in a “+” shape you will find Light up and light down and pre-set full and half light buttons. Beneath that button layout, you have another “+” shaped configuration for the timer function. You can set the lights to 15, 30, 60, and 120 minutes. It is possible to set them all in one pile, use the remote upon them and then stick them to the environment. The magnets stuck hard and fast to my wheel, bumper, slide-out step, and cab door. The light from the 6 devices was very impressive in a dark environment and provide ample ambient lighting for our needs.

I added three Rayovac High Energy 1.5V alkaline batteries to one of the lights and turned it on. I checked the light at 4, 8,12, 16, 20, 24 hours and all four of the LED were still illuminated. At about 20 hours, the light seemed to be about half intensity. I stopped checking as frequently and noted the LEDs were still on but much dimmer at 48 hours (approximately 1/4 power). At this point, the quality of the light was less than ideal. It still provided some light, but nowhere near the light at full power. For completeness, I will continue the test until the LED is no longer visible. As of the completion of this review, the light has been on continuously for 52 hours. The use of these lights is really only limited by your imagination. I would rate the lights at 5/5 stars.

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Originally published at macsources.com on September 6, 2017.



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