OxyLED Motion Activated Night Light UV REVIEW Reduce your risk of night time falls.

As a thirty-six-year-old male, I would not likely think about recessed lighting or night lighting. In fact, after dark, I likely would not think about lighting again until the next morning. However, I now have three children, nine and six-year-old sons and three-year-old daughter, and they regularly get up at night to use the restroom. Even before this, my wife and I would get up to feed/change the babies. If you have ever impaled your heel with a Lego or tripped over a shoe or nearly died on a staircase, you would understand the importance of motion activated lighting. Even worse, greater than one in four people, over the age of 65, will fall each year, according to the CDC. Unfortunately, the data states that once you fall once, you are twice as likely to fall again. Furthermore, the CDC website data state that 20% of falls cause a significant injury causing 2.8 million ER visits annually and up to 800,000 hospitalizations per year. Is it not crazy that something as little as a night light could reduce the $50 billion spent in 2015, 75% of which was covered by Medicare? If you are looking for motion-activated lighting, look no further than OxyLED.

The OxyLED Night Light arrived in a rather plain 17 5/8 inches long by 3/8 inches wide by 1 inches thick retail box. The main cover displayed the title “Motion Activated Night Light +UV,” the B-01 model number and the company name OxyLED (top left). The back panel was a little busy for my liking, providing a paragraph worth of information about the product. In bullet form, we learn that this light is the upgraded version of the T-02S motion sensor light, uses passive IR sensing (PIR) over a 3-meter range to sense your body heat, uses a built-in rechargeable battery, uses UV light to clean/sanitize the device, and is meant for corridors/halls/basements/stairwells/closets and other dark spaces. The bottom panel informed the consumer that the light will not illuminate during daylight exposure or bright lights and may not work if placed too close to other night lights. It is quite unfortunate that OxyLED does not spend more effort on their packaging. I have tested multiple devices from their lineup, and their packaging quality is where they suffer every time.

WIthin the box, you will find the 17 5/16 inches long by 1 1/4 inches wide by 5/8 inches thick LED bar. The device is easily separated into two parts, a 2 9/16 inches long battery and 14 3/4 inches long 20 LED light bar. The attractive silver coloration complements the white LED bar and the white title. In the middle of the light bar, OxyLED intelligently placed the PIR sensor. Along the left side of the light, your right, you can see the 3.7V/1000mAh lithium battery. There is a small grey battery indicator button, which will illuminate a bank of 3 small blue LED on the battery. To charge the light, pull the battery outward and plug it into a standard 5V wall plug or computer output. If you do not have a Micro-USB cable, you can use the generous 19 1/4 inches long USB-A to USB-micro cable that was included. Located on the right side of the bar light, you will find the well placed on-off-auto switch. Lastly, on the back of the lightbar, Oxyled included a strong 12 inches long by 13/16 inches wide magnet with 3M tape on the back. Interestingly, you can choose to use this system in two configurations. The magnet strip will stick to the metallic base of the OxyLED bar light, and the 3M tape can be used to attach the magnet to your wall. Or, you can attach the 3M tape to the back of the light and use the magnet to attach the OxyLED light to your metallic door, your toolbox, car, etc. In addition to the magnet/3M attachment point, OxyLED included two hanging hooks and two drywall anchors with screws.

If you are looking for light in hard to reach places or in places that have no wired power source, OxyLED may be the perfect fit for you. I love that you do not have to take down the entire light to charge it. Rather, you can simply remove the battery, charge it and then replace it into the light. I have had the light up for the past week, and the battery is still at 75% power. The Amazon page states that the UV portion of the light functions for 1 minute after the light extinguishes and through UV-C decreases the spread of infection. I have tested UV-C cleaners like PhoneSoap and was able to show a decrease in the bacterial growth on my iPhone surfaces. The logic to include this in light makes sense, but those systems bathe your phone/tablet in UV-C for 15 minutes. I personally do not need the UV lights and feel that the battery would go further if they were not present. Do not misunderstand my statement, this is not a negative of the product, but a feature I wish could be deactivated. After reviewing the light and testing it inside of my home, I thought of an amazing use for this light. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a bed/tonneau lighting system, why not use the magnetic feature to attach directly to the inside of your vehicle bed. Wave your hand over the motion sensor or simply turn the light on and enjoy a very inexpensive powerful bed lighting system. The power of OxyLED is in the modularity and multiple mounting options. I love this light, and I have enjoyed every OxyLED product I have tested. Pardon the pun, but thinking outside of the box will illuminate many more options for use.

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Originally published at macsources.com on May 16, 2018.



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