OxyLED LED Night Light Model NO3 REVIEW

5 min readMar 2, 2017

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As a family physician and father of three children (8 and 5-year-old boys and a 2-year-old girl), I have had to think more clearly about safety lighting features. In fact, the CDC estimates that 1 in 3 adults aged 65+ will experience a fall each year. Whether I am talking to an elder or talking with parents about child safety, topics seem to return to night lights. It is not uncommon to talk with a 65+-year-old about night time routines. Whether you are forgetting to turn a light on or you just feel you don’t need it, falls happen and injuries may ensue. A toddler may leave a toy in the middle of the floor or someone may forget a shoe, chair or any other number of items. I know I cannot be alone in the agony of finding a Hot Wheel car or Lego during those midnight feedings. One solution to prevent injury is to utilize motion activated lighting.

Battery operated motion lights/LED have really revolutionized lighting. Now, you are not limited to a certain plug, in a certain space or room. Additionally, there are no wires to trip over, nor are there hot bulbs that may cause a fire. Using a downward pointed light, known as bounce lighting (reflects back to eyes with softer lighting) can decrease glare and thus falls as well.

The OxyLED N03 model arrives in a rather plain cardboard box, reminding me of a contractors pack. The front displays the name of the product. The back of the package details the features of the light: motion and light sensor with up to 4-meter range and 120 degrees of view. The light contains 5 bright LED and has 2 distinct modes (constant on and auto on). In the auto mode, the light will auto shut off after 20 seconds. It has 2 brightness levels, which are adjustable with a slider. Furthermore, this is micro-USB chargeable and easily installed with 3M tape on the magnetic base.

Removing the product from the packaging, you will immediately notice the 2 part light (magnetic base and LED light core), a 30-inch micro-USB to USB-A cable, a small disk of 3M tape, and a 3-panel instruction manual. The listed features are no different than those listed on the box. The product uses 0.5W to power the 5 LED. There is a noticeable difference between the low and high power mode, as well as the always on and auto-on features. Mounting the light could not be easier. Pull the backing of the strip, apply to the device and then apply the device to the desired location. As the base is magnetic, you can position the light in nearly any way desired, that maintains magnetic contact. I wish that they listed the mAh of the included battery and suggested charge times. Without any LED battery indicators, you do not know when you may need to charge the light.

While charging the top of the light will be red. The benefit of the magnetic base is that you can remove the light and charge the device at your convenience. As it is not plugged into an outlet, we may, unfortunately, experience a need for light, only to find a depleted device. When it came to mounting the device, I found that an indirect light angled downward was the best way to use it. The 20-second life is reasonable but will shut off on you in 20 seconds. You will need to move again to reactivate the light. If needed, you can place the light into the “constant” position and use the light directly or as a flashlight. I really liked the soft white light that was present from the device, rather than brighter white lights, like those seen on reader/desk option.

To test the light, I set it on charge and waited 2 hours for the solid red charging LED to change to a solid green LED. I then turned the light on continuous at 7 am and it started to fade at 2:30 pm. By 4:30 pm it was barely visible and this did not change up until 9 pm. The light lasted just over seven hours on a single two-hour charge, which is not bad. It is estimated that the light will last an entire month (in auto-on) on a single charge. I do not have a lux meter to test the actual output, but it is perfect for ambient lighting.

There is one aspect of the device that I do not understand. The back of the light will turn counterclockwise and is removable. When you remove this section, you will notice an empty compartment for #3AAA batteries. I am not certain what to make of this compartment. The manual makes no comment about this, the Amazon product information provides no information about this compartment. Can you use rechargeable AAA batteries? Will this charge the batteries for you or is this a way to power the LED if the rechargeable battery is drained? To test this, I added #3 Energizer AAA rechargeable batteries into the compartment. They, unfortunately, did not charge. I have not tested to see if the light lasts longer if #3 AAA batteries are in that compartment. It would be neat to have a hidden money compartment.

The OxyLed N03 nightlight is an amazing piece of tech to have in your home. The only problem that I have found is remembering to charge the device, so you have it available as an emergency light. The magnetic base and ability to remove the light for portability is simply amazing. The movement sensor seemed to be incredibly sensitive and the light illuminated quickly. These features demonstrate the worth of the device. I have a few other nightlight/flashlight combos that are plugged into an outlet. They do not have any means of positioning and the lighting option is thus much more limited. Even though the base is secured via 3M tape, you can swivel the light (~120 degrees) for convenience. Lastly, I was very pleased with the ~7-hour life of the battery.

I would rate the device at 5/5 stars.

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