Ora Task Management 2023 REVIEW — MacSources

7 min readNov 6, 2023

Simplify task and project management with Ora’s family of apps.

Three years ago I joined a software development team as their Marketing Director. Even though marketing and project management are both fields I am well versed in, I have learned a lot about agile delivery through my work in software development. Our team uses Teamwork as its primary project management platform, but through our clients, I’ve also experienced Adobe Workfront and Lytho for agile workflow delivery. There are many project management platforms out there. When it came to selecting one to use for MacSources, we knew there were certain elements we wanted included. Those elements led us to Ora.

About Ora

Ora is a platform that was designed by a group of mobile app developers who saw a need for a software solution to help organize their clients’ projects as well as their in-house ones. They couldn’t find one that was a good fit so they created Ora. “Ora” means hour or time from the Latin hōra. The idea was for users to pay attention to time and thereby save time. To read more about the back story of Ora, visit ora.pm/about.

Ora was originally released in April 2017 to early access users. The desktop apps were launched in March 2018 followed by the mobile apps in 2021. The tech stack used to build the system is React for the frontend and Django Framework (Python) in the backend. There are some services written in GO Lang, too. Ora keeps an up-to-date product roadmap at app.ora.pm. Users can add ideas into the board and make comments on other items that are listed. In addition to that, the Changelog is also publicly available here: ora.pm/changelog.

Sprints, Epics & Backlog: Everything you need to run Scrum Sprints (Sprints Planning, Epics, Story Points, Business Value, Burndown Charts, Team’s Velocity and more so you can be agile without being a certified PM or a Scrum master (if you’re one you’d like it even better).

Kanban board: Highly visual Kanban board that you can customize the way you want (themes, turn on/off features, list…




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