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4 min readApr 4

One Switch makes it easy to automate routine tasks.

Ever since Apple released Shortcuts in 2018, I’ve really enjoyed playing around with different automations that make my life easier. Just the other day, I set one up to turn off our bedroom lights, dim the bathroom lights, and turn on the Apple TV in our bedroom in preparation for bedtime. I love the ability to make parts of my life easier. This is what One Switch does. It’s a great app that provides users the option to turn different features on and off with a single digital switch in the menu bar.

Overview: One Switch for Mac

One Switch is a lightweight menubar app. It was originally released in 2019 by Fireball Studio. With it, users can accomplish a number of different actions that are typically controlled by individual apps. Some of those actions include:

  • Hide Desktop Icons
  • Toggle Dark Mode
  • Keep Awake
  • Activate your Screen Saver
  • Connect to your AirPods
  • Customize quick actions

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for Fireball Studio includes the terms for One Switch. It was last updated in 2019. It states that personal information is only collected when the developer needs to provide a service back to the user. The entire policy can be read here.

Pricing and Availability

  1. Single Device License → $4.99
  2. Dual Device License → $7.99 (10% savings)
  3. Multiple Device License (up to 5 devices) → $16.99 (32% savings)

One Switch is not available in the Mac App Store due to sandboxing restrictions. It can be purchased directly from or downloaded through Setapp. There is a 7-day free trial available for One Switch. There are three options for licensing.


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