Oittm Portable Dimmable Touch Time Light REVIEW

4 min readOct 23, 2017

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I have always had an alarm clock by my bedside to help wake me up in the morning. Even when I traveled to Europe, I had a small battery operated travel alarm clock. Each clock has provided me with a suitable morning routine, but they’ve all been sort of boring. This unique little clock from OITTM has given me a smooth-looking digital clock that is far from ordinary.

The Portable Dimmable Touch Time Light from OITTM provides not only an easy-to-read digital alarm clock but also a handy LED lamp. This mushroom head-shaped device is actually packed full of features that I found completely charming. The clock has two modes — Digital Display or LED Lamp. It uses a gravity induction technology to sense when its upright or laying down and when it is moved from side-to-side.

LED Lamp: One of the modes on the Touch Time Light is LED Lamp Mode. The clock has a built-in LED that is activated when you turn the body into the upright position — where the flat side is sitting face down on a surface. The light will automatically come on and you can select one of its four levels by pressing the +/- buttons. The lamp will remain on until it is turned to its lying down position or until its low on power. The light emits a soft glow that works very well as a nightlight.

Digital Display: This is the basic clock mode that you are accustomed to using with an alarm. To activate this display mode, you simply flip the clock so that it’s laying down. When in this mode the display will periodically go to sleep to conserve power. If it’s connected to external power, the display will remain on. The instructions state that you should ‘pat’ the lamp body to wake the display, but I’ve found this function doesn’t work quite right. More on this issue below.

Side-to-Side Function: When the clock is in Digital Display mode, you can turn it to its left or right side to recall additional information like date and temperature. In order to successfully engage this feature, you must turn it so that it’s almost at a 90º angle. The Touch Time Light will also display the humidity of a room.

Alarm Clock: This is operational when the clock is in Digital Display mode. To activate the alarm, you will press the + or — key for a few seconds until the LEDs illuminate to show that the alarm is armed. When the alarm goes off, you have the option of entering ‘Snooze Mode’ by giving the lamp body a slight ‘pat’. The alarm will ring again after 5 minutes.

The Portable Dimmable Touch Time Light charges via Micro USB. It has a charging port built into the ‘lift handle’ of the light. I find it odd that the product designer refers to this extension as a ‘lift handle’ since there is a warning included about it not being load bearing. I think it might have suited the device to simply have a port built into the lamp base. This is really the only design issue I have with the Touch Time Light. The lamp is packaged with a charging cable.

The Touch Time Light is truly a unique device. As a clock, it’s very functional. I love how easy the dot display is to read and you have the option of using either a 12 or 24-hour clock. The alarm is clear and audible and it gives you the right amount of snooze time. Getting used to the operation of the clock is a little out of the ordinary since it operates via gravity sensors. I had some issues with getting the display to come up properly until I discovered how far I had to turn it to engage the sensor. The lamp has a really nice soft glow and it’s perfect for a nightlight or soft ambient lighting.

The only ‘issue’ I had with the Touch Time Light was the instruction to ‘pat’ the lamp body. This was suggested under the Digital Display mode when you should wake the clock from sleep mode and engaging snooze during an alarm cycle. Every time I tried to pat the lamp body, nothing would happen. I ended up having to click one of the buttons or picking up the lamp to engage the gravity sensor. If I had one suggestion for this product it would be to clarify these instructions.

All in all, this is a really cool clock/light. It has a lot of features packed into a small package and it serves its purpose quite well.

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