Oculus Quest Travel Case Review | MacSources

Enjoy on-the-go protection for your Oculus Quest with the Oculus Quest Travel Case.

Released on May 21, 2019, the Oculus Quest VR headset became one of the “Must Have” Christmas gifts of the 2019 holiday season. Sold out everywhere, the secondary market flourished with markedly escalated prices. Not wanting to overspend, I kept a watchful eye both online and in my local retailers. Unfortunately, it appeared that the stock went from bad to worse, as the SARS-COV-2 virus spread throughout the globe and drove many into self-isolation. Luckily, I had visited a local Walmart and I happened to find a hidden gem resting inside of a display case. The clerk opened the case, grabbed the console, and noted that the Quest did not come with a storage case. He asked me if I wanted to purchase the Oculus Quest Travel Case as well. After a short discussion, I agreed to purchase the Travel Case as well.

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