NOMAD Ultra Rugged Case for iPhone REVIEW

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I have always been a fan of technology, yet historically never had the latest and greatest. I draw the line at my iPhone, however. I am one of the people who upgrades to the latest model of the iPhone Annually. Yes, it is true that each model will remain viable for about 2 years, making the iPhone 6S and 6s plus still relatively modern. For a device I use multiple hours every single day, I want the latest bells/whistles and the latest upgrades. This is one of those luxuries that I allow myself to enjoy.

I find it hard to believe that someone will spend this amount of money, on a device, and allow it to remain free and unprotected. I can imagine the corollary as well, where others may look at my Otterbox Defender case as an unnecessary overabundant accessory. Having three children, I need some kind of cover on my phone, yet perhaps tsunami and explosion resistance is a bit much. Nomad provides a very viable alternative, to those who want rugged protection, yet want their phone to remain in a relatively unadorned state.

Utilizing a bumper-style design, the dual material polycarbonate, and TPU plastic shell provides impact resistance and scratch resistance, to those most vulnerable areas of your phone. According to the website, the materials are capable of an industry standard 2M drop resistance. I take every care to avoid dropping my phone and would never purposefully drop test one of my devices. I know that Nomad tested their products and I trust their word. I have inadvertently tested the 360-degree edge protection multiple times. The raised edges project above the screen, protecting the screen in addition to the sides and back.

Although there are no included package materials or instructions, the installation is intuitive. Simply slide your phone into one of the edges and then gently press all 4 sides into the case. The laser cut openings line up perfectly. The camera hole for the iPhone 7 plus case is precisely placed, as are the sound toggle cutout and the buttons for volume up/down and power off. Along the bottom, the case has dual cutouts for the speakers and an extra large cutout for the lightning port. This should accommodate any lightning cable you can find. I have tried a few other cases that did not have this feature and some of the more boxy lightning adaptors were not viable.

The latest color of the iPhone and the one is the Jet black color. Unfortunately, this color is prone to scratching. To reduce the risks of scratches and to enhance drop protection, the back of the rugged case is very mildly recessed. This adds a layer of air between the phone and case to cushion the phone from falls and rubbing. Additional features include a semi-translucent coloration, allowing the phone aesthetics to be visualized. You get all of this protection with the added weight of only 30 paperclips (30 G) and a near glove like fitting with measurements of 6 1/2″ tall by 3 1/4″ wide and just under 1/2″ thick (160 x 81 x 10 mm).

This case will work perfectly for that person who wants to protect their phone, without feeling like you are carrying around a brick. This lightweight bumper style case will protect your phone and allow the device to shine.

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Originally published at on February 2, 2017.

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