Nomad Leather Cover For Siri Remote & AirTag 2022 REVIEW — MacSources

5 min readJun 8, 2022

Leather Cover helps Form and Function meet Fashion

As a father of four children, aged thirteen, ten, seven, and three, I never expected to spend so much time hunting for remotes. As the kids utilize remotes for the television, sound bar, or Apple TV, they somehow cast master-level Hogwarts spells and banish them from the realm. Despite rules that the remotes cannot leave the room, I experience a daily Easter Egg Hunt to uncover their creative resting places. Even though I sometimes question maleficence, I know the kids do not purposefully lose them. Thus, I continue to accept the quest for the lost treasure.

When Apple released their AirTags in April of 2021, I began to add them to my keyrings, backpacks, and ultimately to other devices like my remotes. The Nomad Leather Cover arrived in a 2 9/16 inches wide by 6 9/16 inches tall by 1-inch thick silver hanging-style package. The cover panel provided a large, slightly-raised, 5 3/8 inches tall glossy image of the Apple TV remote within a classy black leather cover.

The silver background matched the attractive silver color of the Apple TV remote and contrasted beautifully against the black leather cover. At the bottom of the panel, Nomad provided a white column with information about their Leather Cover case and Siri Remote (2nd Gen) & AirTag. Both side panels listed the Nomad name in bold black font atop a silver topographical map background. The lower white segment provided a micro image of the case and listed the Ashland Brown Leather color.

The bottom panel provided a few product manufacturing labels plus a unique SKU barcode with a jeep climbing the image. The rear panel provided a Horween Leather logo and information about the material, the hidden AirTag Pocket, and the ability to locate the device with the Find My App. Beneath the segment, you will find two images of the case, an upper side by side image of the case patina at day 1 vs 100 and a lower picture with the included AirTag. Lastly, the lower segment proudly displayed the carbon-neutral status of the company since…


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