NOMAD Base Station Apple Watch Edition Wireless Charging Dock REVIEW


Nomad, a company that focuses on creating products for the minimalist, released the Base Station Apple Watch Edition not long after the Base Station Hub Edition. The Base Station at its core is a premium wireless charging pad designed for the new iPhones that support wireless charging (iPhone 8 or newer). In addition to the charging pad for the iPhone, the Base Station Apple Watch Edition includes a built-in Apple Watch charger. That in itself is unique because there are only a handful of Apple Watch charging stands that integrate the Apple-approved watch charger. In most cases, you have to provide your own Apple Watch charging cable.

  • No-slip grip rubber feet
  • Qi-certified (works with all Qi-enabled devices)
  • International EU & UK adapters included
  • Does not charge Apple Watch or AirPods wirelessly
  • Compatible with Apple Watch 44mm/42mm and 40mm/38mm, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition, Series 1, 2, 3, 4 (steel, sport, and Nike versions)


As I mentioned, I was very excited to have the opportunity to use the Base Station Apple Watch Edition because it solves a bit problem for me. The dock comes in a well-designed box. Nomad’s branding is clean and you can easily tell what you are getting from the pictures on the box as well as the details provided. The back of the box illustrates some of the main features of the dock including the triple wireless coils in the wireless charging pad. The one issue I truly have with this charging dock is the pictures that used to illustrate the charging capabilities and compatible devices for the dock. The images include the Apple AirPods. As indicated above in the spec section, the Base Station does not charge the AirPods wirelessly. Apple has announced that they plan to release a wireless charging case for the AirPods, but that is yet to be released. Even though the fine print on the box mentions this, I still don’t like that they are pictured on the wireless charging pad. I think it’s very close to ‘false advertising’.


I’ve been a fan of Nomad as a company and of their products for a very long time. They make solid, sleek products that are useful for all types of users. For me, the Base Station Apple Watch Edition is a home run and I would recommend it to any users of the newer watches and phones. It’s compatible with the more recent models of iPhone and Apple Watch and it has a minimal footprint on your nightstand. There is one single power cable that extends out the back and even though the power adapter that is attached is quite large, it delivers when it comes to charging your devices. The Base Station Apple Watch Edition retails for $119 USD and is available for order starting today on




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