NOMAD 1FT Rugged Universal 3 in 1 Cable REVIEW

4 min readJul 18, 2018

A while back I became a fan of what NOMAD was doing with their USB cables. They put some thought into designing cables that would last and provided a braided cable option for users. One of the cables I carried with me almost everywhere was the NOMAD Rugged 1.5 Meter Universal 3-in-1 Cable. It’s a Micro USB cable with Lightning and USB-C adapters attached to it. This makes for an easy-to-carry all-in-one solution when you are traveling or working remotely. Now obviously you can’t charge multiple devices at the same time with this type of cable but you can charge different types of devices without needing a mess of cables.

I try to live my life clutter-free. This goes for being overwhelmed with cables in my camera bag. Now that NOMAD dropped a smaller version of my favorite cable I’m a super fan. I picked one up but have found with the small size I could easily carry a second one in my gear bag without taking up to much room and get the best cable for all my charging needs.


Like the larger version, the Universal Cable (as it is called now) is the “one cable to rule them all.” It is a Micro USB cable with an integrated multi-tip charging option. The core cable is USB-A to Micro USB and attached are two tips — an MFi approved Lightning tip and a USB-C tip. The cable is a braided ballistic nylon cable and it’s 10L Mil-spec flex tested. NOMAD uses premium materials to create this one-of-a-kind cable including ultra-rugged ballistic nylon and a vulcanized LSR silicone cable tie. The cable features an RF shield for fast syncing and 20AWG for fast charging. The Universal cable is compatible with iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, and while it supports USB-C it does not support power delivery through that adapter.


The story of how I became united with the foot-long Universal Cable is interesting (in my opinion). I was becoming tired of having to use the 3-foot long cable wrapped up all the time and it was becoming very cumbersome while. I was traveling. I thought, “I love this cable, but it would be so much better if I had a shorter version.” At that point, I happened to look at NOMAD’s website and found one! I placed an order immediately.

The cable arrived in a gray NOMAD branded box with a 5-year guarantee right on the front. The back of the box displays information about how the cable is made and tested. Once you slide the box open the only thing inside is the cable and it’s beautiful. I mean how does someone gush over a freaking USB cable?

My favorite features of this cable is an extra added touch that NOMAD designed into the universal cable. Product designers added a sliding system to the cable connectors. I have included close-up photos of the cable attachments below so that it’s easier to see what I’m referring to. The plastic part of the Lightning and USB-C adapters slide down the cable and lock into place with the Micro USB plug end. This keeps the cable adapters more secure and makes for a much sturdier cable in general.


Size is everything with this cable. It’s perfect for anyone looking to make for a portable on the go experience. It’s ideal for travel or situations where you need to be minimalist about your belongings. The Universal Cable — Short is available from NOMAD for $29.95. I can recommend it for any type of user.

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