Noiranca Patti: Brown Clutch Bag REVIEW | MacSources

6 min readDec 30, 2021

Simplicity meets Sleek and Stylish elegance.

When it comes to fashion accessories, I believe that men often have it much easier than ladies. After the shoes and maybe a watch, we typically get to store our carry-on accessories within our pants pockets. Do not misunderstand my meaning though, as I do not suggest that males cannot carry a bag or that females must carry some sort of bag. Rather, it is not uncommon for ladies to have a variety of bags to match outfits, atmospheres, activities, etc. From satchels, to frame bags, hobo bags, baguette, duffle, shopper, wristlet, messenger, clutch, satchel, tote, bucket, saddlebags, fold over bags, backpacks, etc., the options seem to be never-ending. Throw in a variety of manufacturers and small variations in color/size/shape and you have a near-infinite level of combinations.

The Noiranca PATTI BROWN Clutch purse arrived in an attractive 13 11/16 inches long by 7 inches wide by 6 9/16 inches thick green-grey retail box. The top panel had a large white rectangle with the NOIRANCA name slightly raised within the negative space, and a clever slogan along the front edge “She never gets to be normal.” I liked the simple elegance of the outer packaging and that the white rectangle extended onto the side panel. I lifted the lid, removed the internal tissue paper, and set the included off-white micro suede dusts bag aside. While the outer surface of the box was left mostly unadorned, the inner surfaces were accented with several features. The inner surface of the lid provided the Noiranca name, a classy “Your Silhouette, it’s different” slogan, and a cute descriptive paragraph about the uniqueness of a woman; she is different, #DesireDifferent! The internal lining of the front flap requested for the user to reuse the box and the left side panel provided a QR code that linked to information about the sustainable nature of the packaging. Lastly, the right-side panel provided three detailed icons 1. FSC certified (sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable forest). 2. Soy-based inks (reduce air pollution during the drying process). 3. 100% recyclable (no plastic).

The Noiranca bag arrived packaged within a 17 3/4 inches wide by 12 1/14 inches tall off-white accessory dust bag. The cover listed a quote from Robert


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