Nite Ize TagLit REVIEW Reflective, Water resistant Magnetic LED marker

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Whether we are walking our dog, jogging, bicycling or trick-or-treating, being out in low-light conditions can be dangerous. There are a variety of lights, torches, reflective laces/bracelets/jewelry, Glow-sticks to try to provide a “here-I-am” beacon for those around you. Reviewing the website, I learned that in the case of poor lighting, visual acuity could be reduced to 20–30% of normal. In fact, the website states that darkly dressed pedestrians may only be visible at a range of 25 meters. When traveling at 25–30+ miles per hour, this does not provide much stopping time. Dressing in lighter clothing can improve this to about 40 meters, and reflective or illuminating materials can nearly triple this range, up to 130 meters. This is where the Nite Ize TagLit can truly save lives.

The TagLit device arrived clipped to a 5 1/2 inch tall by 3-inch wide cardboard backboard. The bright colored slap bracelet-esque device provides a pleasing visual contrast to the dark backing, mimicking the reflective nocturnal effect. I want to praise the design team at Nite Ize, as they have chosen their designs wisely. Through the use of multiple colors and lifelike images, the packaging promotes an expensive feel. It is most impressive that this trend continues throughout their products. In this case, the front shows a jogger mid-run with the TagLit strapped to their arm. Somehow, the light seems to be alive, and the intensity of the runner is easily felt. Along the right side of the cover, you will see a jogger running away from you. I found it amazing that both the male/female models were jogging, yet I came away with diametrically opposed feelings about them. One was actively using the device, and the other was passively using the device, yet both felt actively safe. It was neat to have the feeling of safety, without feeling you needed it.

The rear face of the packaging provided two additional options for the consumer. You can bend the device over the strap of a hat or bend the device over a backpack/strap. The 0.7-ounce TagLit clip measures 4 1/2 inches long by 1 9/16 inches wide by 1/4 inches thick. The device is available in red, yellow and pink and has four included LED that serves as a reflective strip and nightlight. To remove the device from the packaging, lift up on the two flaps and separate the two magnets. There is a small piece of paper that is stapled to the cardboard. This piece of paper is meant to be removed from the clip, providing the typical legal information at the back of most instruction manuals. Along the front of the TagLit, you will see a black power icon and “Nite Ize” clearly emblazoned along the width of the device. The backside, which is likely not visible, also has a Nite Ize logo. The font is bigger, and the logo is oriented along the long axis of the clip. I appreciated this attention to detail but felt that this logo could be removed without any detriment to the device.

Each device contains a single CR2032 battery, which can be replaced if needed. The packaging promises 70 hours of use with each of the CR2032 battery, which should last a very long time for most users. The outer layer is designed to be reflective in both daylight and nighttime use, expanding the utility of the device even further. Additionally, the outer material acts as a water-resistant barrier for the light. If you press the power button once, you will activate the continuous/on mode. If you press the button again, you will activate the flashing/beacon mode. If you press it yet again, it will turn off. There is no auto-off mode with this device, which is a design feature (no early lights out). Perhaps you do not like the look/feel of reflective vests/clothing, or maybe a new wardrobe is not in the budget. Nite Ize allows you to add the TagLit to your ensemble and use it where you want/need to use it. I was pleased with the strength of the secure magnetic closure. In fact, the magnets gripped one another despite my pinky serving as a barrier between them.

This device is tiny yet mighty. For less than $10, you may save the life of yourself, a loved one or a pet. Keep one in your car for emergencies, take this on a backpacking trip/camping trip/caving trip, etc. With 70 hours of light per battery, you cannot ask for a better emergency light. I would highly recommend this device and rate the device at 5/5 stars for its simple elegance and utility.


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Originally published at on February 1, 2018.



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