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Have you ever watched Shark Tank or viewed an “As Seen on TV” item and thought to yourself, “man I wish that I would have thought of that.” Imagine life without zippers, straws, or more technologically advanced items like those in our smartphones/devices. I am impressed with companies that create new tech or find a way to “invent a better mouse trap.” Nite Ize has taken a mainstrem item like the PopSocket and has “teched it up,”

The packaging clearly displays the FlipOut device behind a clear plastic window. The window allows you to “Try It” and feel the heavy-duty metallic, cool surface first-hand. Surrounding the 0.9-ounce Nite Ize device, you will see lifelike, vivid, colorful text and imaging. Instead of only using black and white, like many other companies, Nite Ize strives to promote an experience. After perusing the front and back of the packaging, I could not imagine that the color scheme was cheap. The hand holding the FlipOut handle and the phone standing upright, provided more description than any amount of text. With the ability to see the device, to feel the device and to understand the utility, NiteIze found a perfect way to promote their device.

The Nite Ize FlipOut Handle and Stand may not seem like it is much different at first. However, it is more than one of those sockets on the back of your phone. The NiteIze device is made of stainless steel and has two nested circles (1 3/16 inches diameter and 1-inch diameter) connected by a 1 1/8 inches long by 1/4 inches wide lever. The nested circles fold down flat against the surface of your phone case or can be lifted away from the case at a 90-degree angle. The reusable sticker will allow you to place and replace the device at your convenience. I was able to do this approximately 15 times before I needed to reactivate the adhesive with simply getting it wet and then letting it air dry. If you want to view a movie in landscape, you can place the device closer to the lateral edge of the phone. If you wish to use the phone in vertical mode, unstick the device, move it towards the bottom center and restick the device. The ability to fold flat was a huge perk of the FlipOut, allowing you to place your smartphone into a pocket or a holster.

If you lift the smaller circle away from your case, it can be used in the native, straight out/flat form, or it can bend to assume the same positioning as the base circle. If you lift the circle away and do not bend it down, it will create a slightly longer kickstand. I found this feature allowed the phone to sit at a more upright position. When watching movies, this allowed the phone to assume a better viewing angle in both landscape and vertical modes. The disadvantage to this position was that it did not allow a strong grip to prevent dropping the phone. Simply folding the circle down added a significant amount of support to the handle. If you are unhappy with the positioning, remove the device and replace it wherever you want. The grip does a great job at decreasing the fatigue of physically squeezing the phone with your hands. Since the device is removable, leaves no adhesive behind and is reusable, it would be the perfect gift for the tech lover in your family. The only negative feature of the device is that you cannot apply it directly to the glass back of your phone. If the back of the phone is glass, you will need to apply a case.

I would rate this device at 5/5 stars for the phone kickstand genre. The shape is more suited for customization and the device feels robust, like it is part of your tech and not an afterthought.

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Originally published at on January 29, 2018.



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Mac Sources is an Information and Technology Company. We review all things technology-related. Our team also reports on tech news happening in the world. 