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If you have traveled abroad, you have likely been into a gift shop and found a spinning rack of postcards. There are typically a variety of touristy like pictures to choose from. Unfortunately, these tend to be rather generic, and may not represent the memory you wish to capture. It is true that you can snap photographs with your phone, store them for later or send them to family via message or email. There are internet cafe’s and locations with WIFI, that will let you send your data. Some will charge for a certain period of time and others will sometimes have complimentary service if you are a customer. Either way, our smartphones are a much more personal way of capturing memories.

You can expect to spend the equivalent of $1-$3 for a postcard and then roughly 34c and up for postage (USA rate). The postage cost is dependent on the origin country and the destination and can take a very long time to arrive, in some instances. This is an obsolete way of sending information. While looking through the App Store, I came across an app known as MyPostCard. The app is free to download and is available on the IOS store as well as the Google Play store. Once downloaded, you will be taken to a page that asks you to send a postcard, send a greeting card, Themes and more and photo prints (for a limited time free shipping). If you scroll down further, you can follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Along the top left, you will find a series of three horizontal lines. If you touch this, you can select the following options: Home, login/register, buy credits, earn credits, my archive, my address book, settings, imprint & Co, FAQ, Rate app. To start, you will need to select login/register. If you select login with Facebook, the app will crash. This happened to me, and to my friends that I invited as well. I reloaded the app and registered with email and had no other issues. It will ask you for your first/last name and email. The app will send you an email with a password. I do not know why it asks you for a password to then send you a different one to login to the app. The reason I found it weird is their password is very underpowered using only 4 characters. Login to the app, link your Facebook account and begin to utilize the features of the application. Personally, when you log into the app for the first time, go to account settings and change your password to something more secure. The setup may be more complicated than the actual app itself. The User interface is just plain odd.

As stated above, the app is free, yet everything else in the app costs money. You do have the opportunity to earn credits by sharing your friend code with friends. When you add the friend code and they register/enter your friend code, both parties will receive $3. This is essentially a free postcard/greeting card for each friend that you invite. If you are out and about if you want to send a card to your mom or a significant other, have them share your code and you can send one free.

The app will ask for permission to access your camera roll. This will allow you to use your own photos to create custom postcards or greeting cards to send to friends and or family. Whether you use their website or you use the app, you can add a note and send your creation, wherever you like (the promise is, anywhere in the world). You can expect to pay ~$2.29 to send a postcard or ~$3.99 for a folding greeting card. They have a variety of templates and designs to choose from. Some of these are add-on features, as are some of the enhancements within the app. If you decide that you like the card and want to make more, you can make a postcard set with 8,16, 24 or 32 cards starting at around $11.99. Additionally, you can get prints of 15, 22 or 30 of a picture starting at $10.99. How often do you buy pictures at theme parks? Now for $10.99 you can buy 15 of a picture of your choice and have them at your home instead of the $20–30 for the theme park version. Share your trip with friends and family and have the cards at your house, possibly by the time you get home.

All of the postcards are made in a standard 4.1 x 5.8 format, which follows international standards. All card will be printed by digital print on 300g thick paper or postcard cardboard. The minimum photo resolution of 1 MP and can accommodate a size up to 10Mb. You can adjust/edit and customize the picture through their app/website. The postcard is printed, stamped and delivered to post within 24 hours of the order. The listed price includes all taxes, printing costs, and shipment costs. Originating in Germany, the card will arrive within the country within 48 hours and will be shipped to any place in the world in 3–5 days time. If you have friend credits, you can utilize these to send your card. If not, you can link a PayPal, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Interestingly, the FAQ in the app notes that they will allow you to build up a credit balance to pay for a larger order all at once.

The app is really intuitive and easy to use. Simply select postcard, Greeting card or photo prints and then select the style. You can choose between a plethora of options to include classic, Trio, Multi, Instant, Modern, Quattro, Panorama, Landscape, Twister. These will have a variety of picture position choices. This will then take you to the select photo page. Select the image or images from your photo album and then choose landscape or portrait. You can then add a frame around your picture. Across the bottom, you can change the style, you can change the photo you can select the write icon, preview or send. If you select write, this will take you to the flip side of the postcard. Add text up to 450 characters, change the font, add an address and then select the send button. You will get a final option to edit the design, text, and address. You will then be able to checkout.

This app is a quick and easy way to send a family member a unique Christmas card, a valentines card, or a birthday card. The app itself is very easy to use and is not encumbered with adds. The registration process needs some work. The friend code sent me money as promised. I have sent a postcard to Nicholas Calderone in Evansville Indiana today 2/8/17 at 7:30 pm. I would expect it to be mailed within 24 hours and at his home by the end of next week. Once the card is delivered, I will update this review. So far, I rate the App at 4/5 stars, losing points for the registration. The cost is not unreasonable when you realize you do not have to find a pen, find a stamp, nor a means to mail the postcard. Definitely, consider giving this app a look.

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Originally published at on February 9, 2017.



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