myCharge RazorMega Portable External Battery REVIEW

Even though I’ve been reviewing portable batteries for several years now, I still find options out there with unique charging abilities that make it better than some other portable chargers on the market. Sometimes, the charger is ultra slim and other times it’s got an incredibly high battery capacity. The case with the RazorMega is that it combines both high-capacity with an ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices at one time. That’s what makes this battery worth having.


User Experience

Another really great example of how well the RazorMega works leads me to the Fourth of July. My family and I ventured out to a local riverfront to stake out good seats for the show at nightfall. This time of year, it’s extremely hot in our area and we were actually under a heat advisory. That said, we did take precautions to keep ourselves cool and well-hydrated throughout the afternoon. One of the things we did to keep ourselves cool was to utilize small rechargeable, hand-held fans. Both fans had input voltage/current of 5V/1A and the battery was 3.7V. While the internal battery on the fans held up for a while, we were using these fans constantly and as a result, they lost power. To keep them going and keep us from melting, I plugged them into the RazorMega. Even in the 95º degree heat, the power bank performed admirably. The fans kept going and the RazorMega is still showing a full charge — even after charging my iPhone 7 up to 40%.

In addition to those two fields tests, I did actually just have some statistics from an iPhone charging session I completed at my desk. After 32 minutes, my phone had gained 30% battery life. That’s approximately 0.94 percent per minute. In my experience, that’s a pretty quick charge for these portable batteries. I also tested the power delivery voltage using a USB Digital Tester and found that the iPhone 7 tested with 4.95V/1.15A and my 12-inch iPad Pro tested with a reading of 4.95V/1.38A. I never once found that the battery overheated.


The RazorMega does retail for around $70 (at the time of this article) so it’s priced a little higher than some power banks, but given the longevity of the battery life and the efficiency at which it charges, I would recommend the RazorMega for any user.

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Originally published at on July 5, 2018.



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