myCharge RazorMega Portable External Battery REVIEW


The RazorMega has an extra large battery capacity of 20,000 mAh and it recharges via Micro USB. It has 2 USB-A charging output ports that deliver a maximum of 5V/2.4A of power. The power bank weighs approximately 1 pound and measures 2.6″ x 0.9″ x 6.8″ in size. The battery has smart-sense technology built-in to ensure device compatibility with all smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. It incorporates hyper-charge which is meant to charge devices up to 65% faster than other portable chargers. The RazorMega also has a rapid rechargeability and will regain its charge up to 50% faster than competitors. This power bank also has a passthrough charging ability so that you can charge your devices and the battery together.

User Experience

I recently took an extended road trip with family and found myself without access to a power outlet several times while I was out of town. I grabbed up the RazorMega, a Lightning cable, and my phone. I was able to let my phone charge while we were still sightseeing and not have to worry about whether or not the battery had enough power to handle charging my phone up. As I mentioned, I do have several different batteries and the smaller capacity ones will sometimes give up before my phone is charged up completely. One of the nice things about the RazorMega is that I could charge my phone completely and still have a charge left on the battery to use it again. This was a HUGE convenience for me while on the road because I didn’t always have a chance to stop and recharge the battery.


Even though the RazorMega is a little cumbersome to carry around in a pocket, it’s definitely a superior power bank in my opinion. The only issue I had with it during testing was when it came to recharging it. It recharges using a Micro USB connection. I plugged in into another portable charger, which has the ability to power most devices. For some reason, the pass-through power delivery of that charger was not the right type of current to charge the RazorMega. When I discovered that issue, I plugged the power bank into the wall using a power adapter and it worked fine.




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