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All the battery you will need.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much I use my devices — I always need more power. I could be using my iPhone moderately throughout the day and suddenly I’m skirting single digits in the battery percentage area. Since I can’t always be next to a power outlet, I like to be prepared with a portable power bank. myCharge is a brand I trust when it comes to reliable portable battery power. In my opinion, the HubMax Universal power bank is the ideal traveling companion for anyone needing power.


The new myCharge HubMax Universal is a portable charger with 10,050 mAh of power. It has a built-in MFi-certified Lightning cable and USB-C cable for output charging (3.4A MAX) as well as a USB-A port for other connection types. The battery recharges using collapsible built-in wall prongs (100–240VAC, 50/60Hz 0.3A). It’s designed to be compatible with mobile phones and tablets alike. The battery arrives precharged and has a stylish aluminum case, which also tends to keep heat evenly dispersed.


A couple of years ago, I took a trip to attend a convention. During that convention, I wanted to travel light and so I chose my accessories carefully. I knew that I wanted to have a portable battery with me and ultimately decided that a HubMax from myCharge was the way to go. I love the overall design of these power banks and how well they are self-contained You don’t have to add any external cables in order to recharge the power bank itself and most mobile items are going to be covered by the device’s built-in cables. The HubMax I had before featured a Lightning cable and a Micro USB cable and it did not have a UBS-A port. So, in my humble opinion, the HubMax Universal is definitely an upgrade.

This power bank seems a little heavier than other power banks, but the inclusion of the built-in wall prongs for charging and charging cables is a good exchange for the weight in my opinion. The side of the device features the status LED and power button. When you press the power button, it will not only show you the amount of power left on the battery itself, but it will also activate the charging function on the power bank. The box of the HubMax indicates that the device should come pre-charged. So, when I took it out, I pressed the status button and the product showed 4 LEDs indicating that the battery was charged 100% full.

My iPhone XS was resting at 45% battery so I plugged it into the HubMax. After 30 minutes the phone gained 33% and 3 LEDs were still illuminated. I left the phone plugged in for another 52 minutes and unplugged it when the battery level on the phone reached 98%. The HubMax was still showing 3 LEDs lit at that point so I plugged in a different mobile phone — the Sony Xperia 10. That phone used the USB-C connector to charge. It was only at 58% charge and after 49 minutes, the Sony phone had gained 32%. At that point the status LEDs were still showing 3 lit up, but the next time I charged a device (my iPhone XS again), the LEDs immediately dropped to 2. Now, it’s important to note here that while I was charging the Sony phone, I was also using the phone to stream video and I had only been streaming music on the iPhone when I was charging it.


The HubMax Universal by myCharge is one of my favorite portable battery options in the market today. I love the overall design and how well it charges devices. The only criticism I have is that the LEDs don’t seem to match the actual amount of power left on the power bank. It would be nice if it were more precise, but other than that, I think this is a great product and it’s worth the investment because it will be a reliable battery for a long time.

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Originally published at on June 3, 2019.



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