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There are a lot of things to consider when you take a road trip. One of those ideas should be, “What do I do in an emergency?” Try as we might, there is no possible way to be prepared for every single emergency scenario. Fortunately, devices like the AdvetureJumpStart from MyCharge gets us one step closer to being ready for every situation. It’s a portable car jump start battery that can also charge your standard mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

The AdvetureJumpStart is a 6600 mAh rechargeable battery designed specifically for getting a car started when its battery is dead. There is nothing more frustrating than coming back to your car after a long day to discover that your interior lights were left on. Your car’s battery is dead and if you call a towing company, all they bring out is a battery jump start pack. So, why not keep this little wonder in your car for this type of situation. The AdvetureJumpStart comes packaged with a Micro USB cable for recharging, detachable jumper cables, and a quick start guide.

The first thing I want to say is, “WOW!” I’ve had the opportunity in the past to test portable jump start batteries but most have been heavy, big, and bulky. Most come in a hardshell cases without protective handles and the wires are very stiff making it a pain to adjust as needed. When I took the AdvetureJumpStart out of the box I was amazed at its thin and lightweight design. I was also impressed with the cables and the handles of the clamps. myCharge really did an outstanding job with the design of this little jump start battery.

I really like how simple they made this device. It’s clamp on and power up. There is no need to dig through a manual when you are out in the freezing cold with a dead battery. Even if you’ve read about it, you will find yourself fumbling around when you first have to use it in an emergency. That’s why I really like the design of this battery. There is nothing to get frustrated with.

myCharge designed it with a metal body. It’s thinner than most plastic ones I’ve used. There is one USB-A port for charging other devices like phones and tablets. You have one Micro-USB port for charging the battery up. You will find between the two ports an LED flashlight that can be powered on with the one button on the battery. One press of the button shows you the amount of juice left on the battery with the blue LED indicator lights on the top. A long press turns on the super bright LED and once it’s on, a second press turns on the flashing mode for the LED. Finally, a long press again turns off the flashlight. Let me advise you that in an emergency don’t mistakenly look at the LED. While testing it I turned it around and I was seeing black dots in my vision for a few seconds after getting it turned off. It’s very bright.

The Micro-USB port is covered by a rubber flap that can be pulled back to plug in the jump start cables. Once that’s plugged in you can just hit the power button to start giving your car or truck battery a boost. Something really unique I want to talk about Is the included built-in Micro-USB cable. It’s a nice touch for charging your gear while on the go without needing to drag around an extra cable. I do, however, wish it was USB-C or a Lightning cable. It would even be great if some sort of adapter was included for switching between all three cable types.

The unique thing about this cable is the slider on the battery. Since the cable is built in it’s on the side and bottom of the battery but recessed so its harder to grab. The slider allows you to just press it over and the cable simply pops out. It’s brilliant. I know I’ve mentioned being frustrated in the cold and I can tell you for me I would be all sorts of aggravated trying to pull the cable out while standing in the cold. I really appreciate the thought in designing the slider to make getting the cable out of the recessed area easier.

If I was to have waited to write this review based off when I had a dead car battery, who knows when I would get it done. Now in my life growing up I’ve had many dead batteries and they suck. Because of how many I’ve had in my lifetime I am a strong believer that everyone should have one of these with them at all times. Because I’ve tested similar jump start style batteries I kept my last car battery just for this type of testing. Low and behold its freezing cold outside so it was oh so pleasant standing outside switching a good car battery for a dead one to test this device. Needless to say, myCharge did not let us down. I was able to get our vehicle started after a few minutes. After that, I quickly switched batteries back to our good battery and went inside to fully charge the Adventure up so I could try charging my iPhone and iPad with it. It worked very well and I didn’t have any issues with my mobile devices getting a charge.

CONCLUSION I am a fan of myCharge products and this is one of those rare devices that I believe any car driver should have. There is no excuse for having a drained battery and you would always have battery power for your mobile phone, too, in the event that you can’t get your car started. The AdvetureJumpStart is really the best example of a car jump start battery in the market.


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Originally published at on December 18, 2017.



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