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MOVO MB700 Camera Carrier Vest


When you want to trek lightly while knowing your camera is secure

I love my camera gear. From the smallest screw to the largest tripod, it’s something I am truly interested in. I have a burning desire to take amazing photos and that transfers into also playing with anything camera related that I can use while out and about taking photos. Because of this wanderlust, I have tried lots of different camera straps. I have found some that I love and some that, well, let’s just say, they’re not my favorite. So when I was presented with the MOVO MB700 Camera Carrying Vest I was excited to check it out. Up until this point, I have never used any other camera vests — only straps. So this product experience would be brand new to me.


The Movo Photo MB700 Vest is a great option for length shoots and on-the-go photography. It’s designed to help anyone who has issues with fatigue and neck strain find relief from those ailments while they are shooting. Physically demanding shoots like weddings, graduations, and PR shoots can really take their toll on the body. Fatigue can ruin production events and the MB700 Vest can take that strain off of your shoulders. It provides comfort and control for extended shooting and allows for easy movements without restriction. With it, you have hands-free action until cameras are needed.

The vest is adjustable and designed to be “one size fits all”. The locking system is secure and should hold up to lengthy use. It has a quick release clip and because the camera is held close to the body, that tiring swing is eliminated from the photography shoot equation. The Movo Photo MB700 Vest gives you the option to avoid the strain caused by neck or should straps while keeping your equipment safe and accessible.


  • Universal design fits digital cameras, DSLRs, or compact camcorders
  • Secure locking syste
  • Perfect for the photographer on-the-go
  • Backup safety strap for camera
  • One size fits all


When I first received the Movo Photo MB700 Vest, I pulled it out of the box only to find it had no instructions. This was not a deal breaker for me just a frustration to overcome. I looked online only to see other users were complaining about the same thing. I was eventually able to get some additional information by reviewing the images on the Amazon product page.

It was pretty cold outside when this product arrived so I wasn’t able to get out to use it right away due to it not fitting over my winter coat. This is not a downfall of the product because I am a bigger guy and my coat is a heavy winter coat that is not small by any means. As soon as it was decent enough weather that I tossed on a hoodie and I took the MOVO vest out for a spin.

When putting the vest on you will find it to be quite simple and very similar to a life preserver. Just slip it on and buckle the waist and the shoulder straps and you are good to go. There is a camera strap that needs to be connected to the camera via what looks like a keyring clip. This was a source of frustration for me as well. I would have rather seen the connector piece be a carabiner or a C-Clamp so that it could be secure, but easily removed. With it being a keyring, that’s a semi-permanent fixture.

The MB700 also comes with a tool that can be attached to the said keyring. This tool is used to tighten the 1/4–20 screw to the bottom of your camera. It’s how you snap the camera to your vest. On the chest plate, you will find a plastic bracket that the 1/4–20 plate attaches to. Make sure you line the camera up to slide it into place. Also when removing the camera you will need to twist the camera to the side for the plate to unlock. This is a nice feature that keeps your camera from slipping out and taking a tumble to the ground when you are out walking.


It’s definitely a trip trying to put this vest on by your self for the first time. I had trouble getting the straps to adjust for me and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. After getting everything adjusted, using the vest was as simple as riding a bike. I felt like my Canon 5D Mark IV was secure. My daugher and I both used the MB700 and when we compared notes, we both thought it felt like wearing a super light backpack. The MB700 was comfortable and because of the mesh back it was breathable.

Besides some minor quirks, like the camera getting stuck in the latch here and there and having trouble adjusting it the first time, I think for the price, this is a nice option as far as camera vests go. I say this without ever using more expensive vests but I wouldn’t see any reason that someone should not pick one of these up. It’s a budget-friendly comfortable camera vest that works.

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