Moshi Vitros Case REVIEW Slim Stylish and Functional

Between my day job and my hobbies, I use my iPhone XS Max for all but a few hours of every day. Like many iPhone fans, I excitedly awaited the September launch of the latest iPhone device. I wanted the new bells, whistles, and the new tech opportunities but struggled with the cost to benefit analysis of an annual upgrade. As the overall costs continue to rise, the potential costs for repairs rise as well. It is for this reason that I choose to protect my device with Apple Care+ and within a protective case. When it comes to smartphone cases, I cannot understand how people can leave their phones au naturel. With multiple styles and multiple price points, there are options for every possible taste. You may not want, nor need, a full armor style case, a waterproof case, or a folio style case. Luckily companies like moshi provide simple yet elegant plastic cases, like the vitros case.

The moshi vitros ultra-slim hard shell case arrived in a 4 1/4 inches wide by 7 1/4 inches tall by 5/8 inches thick retail case. Similar to the previously reviewed moshi altra case, the upper 6 inches of the cover was draped with a cream/off-white background and the lower 1 1/4 inch section was colored flat white. Located front-and-center, moshi included an attractive 4 3/16 inches tall by 2 5/16 inches wide photograph-quality image of the ultra-thin phone case. Beneath the clear shell image, they provided three useful icons, which detailed the military drop protection, reinforced frame, and the scratch resistant finish. Examining the back of the packaging, I was able to learn more about the (MIL-STD-810G, SGS-Certified) Military-grade drop protection, reinforced frame to absorb shocks or drops, the durable scratch resistant coating, raised bezel to protect the screen when lying flat and wireless compatibility. For added convenience, this information was provided in French and Spanish.

To access the vitros case, gently grip the lower edge of the packaging and slide the bottom drawer toward you. I was impressed with the glistening thin shell and with the simple, clear frame. The cutouts for the vertical camera, volume toggle, lightning port, and speakers were well placed and allowed full access to the features of the phone. Even with a moshi, IonGlass Privacy Glass installed, the case fit perfectly. The rim of the case abutted the IonGlass Privacy and was slightly less raised than the thin screen protector. To install my iPhone, I removed the cardboard liner from the case, slid the right edge (volume toggle side) into the side of the case and clicked around the edges of the phone with my thumbs. Along the upper edges of the soft silicone side panels, I was pleased to find raised, responsive, power and volume up/down buttons.

The clear case was very smooth, yet had a tacky/grip feel along the sides/back of the case. A few of the Amazon reviews commented that the case was slick. I personally did not find that to be true. The case was comfortable in hand and quite easy to hold. When I placed the phone flat onto my palm, I was able to rotate beyond 45 degrees, before I experienced any slippage. Additionally, I was able to prevent the phone from sliding by holding the sides with just my thumb and pointer finger. There was no wrist strap, no geometric patterns, no posterior plate design, and no unnecessary features/accessories. Wireless charging worked flawlessly and the case simply worked. I did drop the phone once, as I was placing it into a Nite-Ize Horizontal Clip Case XL Pouch attached overlying my appendix. I was not paying attention and the phone fumbled and fell onto the edge. Luckily, there was no damage to the iPhone or the vitros case. The 0.98 oz case added very little to the overall weight, allowed the features of the iPhone to shine through the clear shell and added a degree of survivability. I enjoyed the case and felt that it was protective, well made, provided a great gripping surface and was visually appealing. Moshi produces some great products, and the vitros case was no exception.

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Originally published at on October 24, 2018.



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